Tuesday, 15 September 2015

The Price of Egalitarianism: 2 Government Ministers Admit Jihadists Now in Greece

Golden Dawn have warned for over a decade before coming into parliament that the insane policy of open borders in Greece would be an absolute catastrophe, eventually leading to the gradual importation of terrorists.  This week, both the Greek Migration Minister & the Citizen Protection Minister have both conceded publically that the latest flooding of ‘refugees’ has undoubtedly led to terrorists arriving on Greek soil.

Greek Migration Minister Dimitris Mouzalas stated during question time at a conference that Jihadists were able to pass through the Greek border, while hidden amoungst the thousands of ‘refugees’ that are arriving daily.

It would be foolish to say that no jihadists have entered the Greek border.

I think that the European countries’ secret services can confirm that a small number is likely to have gained access to Europe”, said Mouzalas.

Greek Citizenship Protection Minister Giannis Panoussis made similar comments, claiming that Intelligence agencies had recently identified jihadists in Greece. In contrast To Mouzalas, Panoussis referred to ‘European’ Jihadists with EU citizenship, who were taking advantage of the EU’s free movement policy. The Jihadists, all suspiciously ‘French’ Nationals (not too dissimilar from the Algerian gunman that have terrorised France as of late), were able to move freely through Greece with their passports.

This isn’t the first time Jihadists have been identified in Greece, but it is the first time government ministers are now publically admitting to the problem, as it was much easier to hide in the past. The ethnic time bomb in Greece is now ticking, and it is only a matter of time before a massive terror attack unfolds in the heart of Greece. Even the 5 wealthiest Arab-oil producing nations have yet to take a single refugee, for fears that terrorists may be among them. Yet these same filthy rich Arab oligarchs are happy to fund over 200 mosques in Europe, in order to help accommodate the mass colonisation plan that is racially-replacing Europeans from their very own homelands.

The hypocrisy of the state is an all-time high, and as tension continues to run high, formerly Leftist areas, particularly around the Aegean, are now turning to the only viable option for a secure Greece:

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