Sunday, 13 September 2015

The Insanity of Western Pathological Altruism: Australia takes in 12,000 refugees

This last month has been one of the most destructive moments in the history of modern Europe. A new precedent is being laid, one which will ultimately be the end of European Civilisation as we know it. A massive wave of Afro-Asiatic ‘refugees’ are being herded in by Merkel & the Capitalist elite of the EU, to serve as the modern slaves to the international regimes that make up the Globalist movement. All this is happening at the expense of indigenous Europeans, who are being literally replaced by the hundreds of thousands during the most infertile periods of our entire history as a people.

A photo of a dead boy, having drowned on the shores of Turkey, was single handedly abused by the media for the specific purpose of pulling at the altruistic strings of compassionate Europeans, and to justify a literal invasion by what will eventually amount to millions of foreigners. The photo was enough to convince Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, the so called ‘hard man’ against boat people, who has now agreed to allow 12,000 Syrian ‘refugees’ to settle in Australia. So much for the tough ‘conservative’ liberals, who we can now thank for first opening our country to thousands of Lebanese refugees in the 1970s.

While the death of an innocent child is a tragedy in itself, we have been completely shielded from the true circumstances surrounding the boy’s death, which are being manipulated by the politicians and mainstream media to allow the flooding of aliens into our homeland. The millions of Europeans who saw the body of 3 year old Ayland Kurdi won’t know that his cowardly father had a safe life in Turkey, where he had been living for 3 years in a home, and supporting his family as a local barber. The boy’s father decided to risk the safety of his family not to flee war, but in order to move to Germany and receive free dental care.

What kind of man spends 4,000 euros on a disgusting human trafficker, and put the lives of his wife and children at risk in order to claim free benefits in a foreign land? Is this the type of human trash you want to invite to your country? Not only did he abandon the fight against ISIS in his native Kurdistan, but he also made the reckless decision which not only cost the life of his 3 year old son, but his wife and 5 year old boy as well. These people do not value human life, and will risk lives in order to claim materialistic benefits.
Aylan Kurdi’s father, like millions of Syrians, found safety in nearby Turkey. 

There is no war in Turkey to flee, and the so called ‘refugees’ are flocking to the shores of Europe from Turkey not to escape war, but to exploit the welfare system of the decadent social democracies of modern Europe. In what period of history do ‘refugees’ arrive in designer clothing, and take selfies with their mates using the latest iphones? In what period of history do Europeans think the best way to solve the displacement of millions in the Middle East is by bombing the legitimate secular governments and terrorists alike, while opening the floor gates to millions of treasonous deserters?

The insanity of the Americans, who purposely destabilise Syria and personally fund militants while demanding Europe give way to millions of Muslims is an absurd strategy with no benefits to anyone other than Israel. This is the same Israel which is enjoying watching all their enemies become destabilised by the Washington backed insurgents, and responds to Europe’s refugee crisis by closing the boarders to their country.  

Although Israel is closing their borders, they are still happy to keep the doors open for wounded terrorists, such as Al-Qaeda spin off Al-Nusra Front, who receive medical treatment and weapons in Israel to help wage war against the Nationalist government forces in Syria. Israel’s allies in Washington likewise funded terrorists in Libya, which overthrew Gadhafi’s government with the help of the Gulf States, and has led to a hot spot for human traffickers who are now importing boatloads of black Africans into Europe on a scale never seen before in Europe’s history.

The propaganda the media is constantly peddling is that these are mostly families, fleeing war, which is neither true and easily refuted by the thousands of photos we have of these so called refugees. Over 72% of the known invaders are actually men, mostly of military age, deserting their people by refusing to fight for their homeland in Syria. Although many claim to be Syrian, a large percentage of so called ‘refugees’ are actually pretending to be Syrian by throwing away their passports, to hide the fact they not fleeing any war.

As for the women and children who are legitimately fleeing the turmoil orchestrated by Israel & the United States, they should go to the rich Arab Gulf countries or Turkey, who are the allies of the Americans and openly support the insurgents in Syria who are responsible for this proxy war of Judeo-Wahhabi extremists. Not only do the Arabs in the UAE, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia share a common language, culture and identity as the Syrians, they are also wealthy enough to absorb these refugees, unlike the bankrupt nations of southern Europe who have been bled dry by the EU. Unfortunately, the wealthy Arabs do not take in their own displaced people, and would rather they colonise Europe to further their own agenda, which is again backed by Jewish lobby groups.

The Australian government’s decision to take in 12,000 Syrian refugees is simply a stepping stone to what will eventually number 10s of thousands of more Arabs to come. Not only will these 12,000 have dependants that they can sponsor once arriving in Australia, but they will bring a crime wave with them that will rival the violence we saw with our Vietnamese & Lebanese refugees that settled nearly 30 years ago. If Australia truly wanted to help the people of Syria, they could start by cancelling any plans to BOMB the independent sovereign nation, and apply diplomatic pressure against the Western powers who are openly funding terrorist groups in Syria. Unfortunately the Zionists have Canberra firmly in their grip, and will most likely support the Neo-Con war of aggression that is destroying Assad’s infrastructure under the false pretence of fighting terrorism, which is only producing more refugees for export across the Western World. 

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