Friday, 18 September 2015

The failure of Modern ‘Democracy’

We reported earlier this week for the amusement of our overseas readers about Australia’s 5th leader in just over 5 years.  While it’s understandable that the relatively new nation of Australia has its teething problems with ‘Democracy’, the very cradle of Western Civilisation isn’t fairing too much better, as we now approach the 4th national election in Greece since just 2012.

It seems the real powers behind the curtains are happy to rattle a few cages until they force the people to vote the way they need them to, or bring upon us a leader that was never elected by the people, as we currently see in Greece & Australia with Turnbull & Thanou. While the Athenian Democracy of antiquity had its faults, the modern bastardisation of Democracy is merely what remains of the corrupt English Parliamentarian System, a political farce that is designed to be manipulated & controlled by special interest groups to ensure the oligarchs remain firmly in control.

While it only took a handful of wealthy Mining companies to put Julia Gillard in power, the same capitalist oligarchs in Greece exercise their strength in government through the television stations, radios & newspapers to influence elections. They are happy to pay off any football star or ‘academic’ to champion their party of choice, and use the mass media to continuously play the same political propaganda until you vote the way they want you to. All the major parties rely entirely on big donations to run their bloated campaigns, and the largest contributors in turn get the biggest say in government policy. It’s a favours for favours type system, one that that keeps the fat cats ontop while the working class man votes for the same party that continuously undermines his interests.

The empty promise of modern democracy is that anyone can start a party and be elected into office. What they don’t tell you is that you if you stray too far from the establishment’s agenda, you will be starved of the very funds you need to run your campaign. If that isn’t enough to stop you, prepare to be fired for your job for being a ‘racist’, have the entire mainstream media slander and harass you & your family while you are barred from all public debates and unable to rent a room to hold any meetings. If that still doesn’t work, we’ll have your supporters assassinated while we throw your members behind bars under trumped up charges. The modern ‘democratic’ system doesn’t allow for anyone to challenge the elites in power, not without smashing any opposition to the ground using every corrupt trick in the book.

September 20: National Elections

In 2015, the system has been exhausted. The signs of fatigue are beginning to show as the political show trial against Golden Dawn continues to collapse, now that all MPs are out of gaol. The mainstream media’s constant ‘evil fascists’ slander has failed, and they have consequently resorted to completely ignoring Golden Dawn in an attempt to convince the public they no longer exist. While the Nationalists are being barred & snubbed from every public debate, supporters still rally in the thousands for the only viable National option.

The old insults of ‘racists’ & ‘fascists’ no longer have the same effect on the people, as political correctness has desensitized the masses with their once endless attacks that become more and more useless each and every day. Although the party has been illegally denied any funding as an official elected party, Nationalists from all over the world have helped Golden Dawn maintain their charity work in helping impoverished Greeks.

Modern democracy was never designed to deal with a true grass roots movement, one that was immune to constant media slander and not relying on financial backing from pro-establishment corporations. Threats of imprisonment & murder have done little to stop a people who are motivated not by money or greed, but for the love of their nation & people. Now the mainstream media is being forced to admit the rise of Golden Dawn, as New Democracy & Syriza come closer to being forced into an alliance that will raise Golden Dawn to National Opposition.

What to expect

As we approach elections in the upcoming days, it’s important to note that regardless of the exact figures, Golden Dawn is almost always in 3rd place. The same corrupt media moguls that control the fixed polls to manipulate public perception can only go so far, as independent 3rd party organisations have reported on double figures ratings for the Nationalists. Whatever the case may be, Golden Dawn will most definitely come out stronger in this election than ever before, and the system may find itself a victim of the very democratic politics it championed for so long.

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