Monday, 28 September 2015

Russian Nationalists congratulate Golden Dawn

As Western European governments begin to crush their own people under the weight of hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants, those who are prepared to fight back against demographic suicide look for answers to the East. While Germany, Sweden, Austria and other nations scramble to kick out their own disenfranchised people to make way for Syrian ‘refugees’ (read: military age men who are too cowardly to fight for their nation), Eastern European nations such as Hungary, Poland and the Baltic States are refusing to take part in the madness.

At the helm of Eastern European Traditionalism is Putin’s Russia, a modern state that has fought against decadent pornography, the promotion of homosexuality to minors, as well as fighting the US & Israeli backed terrorists operating in Assad’s Syria. While Western Europe continues to follow the path of rootless cosmopolitism and liberalism, Russia takes the lead in standing for European Traditionalism. Nationalists have taken note and quickly aligned themselves them Russia, and in a recent event, German Nationalists protesting against the invasion of their nation by Syrians called for Putin to take Berlin

Golden Dawn, along with other prominent Nationalist parties in Western Europe attended a conference in Saint Petersburg, hosted by Russian Nationalist party Rodina (Motherland). Previous to this event, Golden Dawn had open correspondence with other prominent Russian political figures, including the head of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia and Former Political Advisor to Putin, Alexander Dugin.

Rodina has now personally congratulated Golden Dawn on recent national elections, as well as the continued strong ties between Golden Dawn, ELAM, and our Russian brothers. Spokesman for the Political Council of the Russian nationalist movement, Fedor Birûkov, stated: "The Golden Dawn finished in third place by improving previous results and greatly increased the number of seats in the Parliament. So, I would like to wish the Greek Patriots new victories! "

As the liberal experiment of Western Europe begins to backfire, and Nationalist move closer and closer to an outright victory, the importance of strong ties like this become increasingly vital. As Putin holds Syria together against the Zionist war machine, Russia offers a viable alternative and traditionalist ally against liberalism.

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