Sunday, 13 September 2015

Public rally in Piraeus

This week, Golden Dawn held a public rally in the port city of Piraeus, in support of their upcoming election effort.
The rally speakers included Nikos Koyzilos, the first Golden Dawn MP to be elected in Piraeus, local chief activists Periklis Moylianakis & Dimitra Valentza, as well as Golden Dawn MP Christos Pappas, and the General Secretary Nikos Michalaliakos.
The theme of the speeches reminded supports of the continuing political conspiracy against the Nationalists, that was orchestrated by the systemic-political arch of the establishment parties. The plight of illegal immigration, backed by the disastrous EU-Dublin treaty, must be removed to ensure Greeks do not become a minority in their country.
The national plan for Golden Dawn is to rebuild a free & powerful Greece. This can only be done through the re-establishment of our agricultural & manufacturing industries, a realignment of our economic & political alliances with Orthodox Russia, and the termination of the 3rd memorandum that is crippling out country. The immediate closing of our boarders, tax incentives for young child bearing families, and introduction of harsh penalties for criminals & traitors are a priority in establishing order that is necessary to save our civilisation.
In closing, the chief reminded all that on the evening of the 20th of September, the establishment will be rubbing their eyes in disbelief as reality unfolds. Misleading polls that have purposely underplayed Golden Dawn’s success over the last 4 years will prove once again that people will be heard in upcoming elections, regardless of mass media manipulation. 


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  1. Michaloliakos will become the next Fuehrer. He is a beacon of hope in a dim world.