Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Mazel Tov! Australia has a new Prime Minister

Democracy triumphs again in Australia as  we are now counting our 5th Prime Minister in just over 5 years. It just keeps getting better & better under the great English Parliamentarian System, as Malcolm Turnbull, the Member of Wentworth, who was elected by a few thousand wealthy people in one of the richest & most Jewish areas of Sydney, manages to become leader of 23 million Australians. How’s that for a fair system?

Although we won’t be missing known traitor & cuckservative Tony Abbott anytime soon, his replacement may do a better job in flooding us with a new wave of Syrian refugees, and finish off what remains of our industry by finalising the free trade deal with China.   

Turnbull’s Jewish connections may even outdo Tony Abbott, as he presides over the wealthy Eastern suburbs, the heart land of NSW’s Jewish community.  When asked by the Australian Jewish News Network about his ancestry, Mal allegedly tried to play it down by saying he ‘doesn’t know’, and he ‘hasn’t researched into it’, though his Jewish mother alleges otherwise.

It’s worth mentioning that Mal’s Curricular Vitae is all perfectly kosher, having worked as a practicing lawyer since 1980, while making a quick fortune in screwing people over in the court room. In the mid 80s he swindled his way into investment banking, taking advantage of a financial crisis which ensured his career was off to a ‘good start’.  From 1997 to 2001, Mal was co-chairman of Goldman Sachs, which was perfect timing, as he was busy scheming with his Jewish assistant Russell Pillemer & known Jew Rodney Adler, in Adler’s attempt to milk insurance giant HIH for a quick few million. While Mal managed to get off the hook, Adler served time in gaol for pocketing millions of dollars as a dishonest director in Australasia’s biggest financial collapse in history.

Despite whatever the Member for Wentworth may claim, it is known that Peter Wetherim, supreme Jew of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry, seems to have old Mal’s number on speed dial, and can call in for a favour whenever he needs it. I guess we can expect Australian jets over Assad’s Syria if Israel ever needs a hand. Oi Vai!


  1. It is so obvious, that no one with any loyalty or decency can rise to power through the Jewish two party treason regime that governs this country! I hope that one day Golden Dawn will organize here in Australia, because, Golden Dawn is the answer to the tyranny that now plagues the entire world!

  2. Its not surprising that a Jewish system, would ensure that the most toxic piece in the parliamentary septic tank, would be allowed to float to the top! The joke is on the stupid, dumbed down voter, who continually votes ALP/Lib/Nat as they are only giving credibility to the vile treason regime, that governs Australia! Long live Golden Dawn!