Friday, 4 September 2015

Jew’s slam Prime Minister in order to secure their monopoly on human suffering

In another comical twist from the Zionist puppet masters, the Jewish Lobby has come down hard on Australian Prime Minster Tony Abbott, following claims he made on radio that suggested ISIS is worse than the ‘Nazis’.

Supreme Jew Robert Goot, President of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry, stated the Prime Minister was injudicious regarding his comment, and made the following statement:

"fundamental difference between organised acts of terrorism and a genocide systematically implemented by a state as essential policy"

“Acts of terrorism are necessarily done in the full glare of publicity for their propaganda effect. In contrast, those responsible for ordering and implementing systematic state-sponsored genocide are high government officials who often operate in secret not out of any sense of shame, but to avoid being held criminally responsible for their actions.”

It’s not surprising that Jews are showing a degree of defence for ISIS, considering the Islamic extremists are behaving in a way that would make them the ultimate proxy for Israel’s interests. So far, ISIS has suspiciously only attacked Israel’s enemies, specifically the Shiite Triangle of Syria, Iraq and Hezbollah. While flat out refusing to lock in any conflict with the Jewish Terror State, Islamic Extremists in Syria were  found to receive medical treatment & weapons in Israel, confirmed by a report lodged to the UN in late 2014. While ISIS destabilises the only remaining anti-Zionist coalition the Middle East, it’s fair to say the so called Jihadists are doing all the dirty work on behalf of the Jews.  

It appears the Jews are now shaking in their boots, considering the ‘evil Nazis’ they spent the last 70 years demonising with their Hollywood propaganda machine are slowly becoming yesterday’s news. As the harsh reality of ISIS’s exceptional savagery comes to light, the Jews find themselves slowly losing their monopoly on human suffering. The Jewish suffering industry is best summarised by the millions of dollars profited from Holocaust films, books, museums, all which go towards the Jewish community and Israel’s subsidised weapons of aggression.

While Jews struggle to retain their monopoly on suffering in 2015, they have become increasingly brazen in extorting more money for the next generations of their tribe. A Jewish Professor by the name of Rachel Yehuda has released the findings from her team’s genetic ‘research’, which suggests the children & grandchildren of Jews in concentration camps are able to genetically inherit the ‘trauma of the holocaust’. The Jewish lobby is now calling for reparations to be paid to not just holocaust victims, but their descendants as well, arguing Jewish professors have the evidence to suggest that the psychological trauma of the holocaust can be inherited through breast milk.  

Today, over a hundred thousand Jews reside in Germany alone, and for the first time in Mosul’s 2000 year history, there are no more Christians remaining in this historic city. ISIS is literally carrying a systemic genocide against the Yazidi people, and have pledged to rape their women in order to destroy their blond bloodline. The proxies of the Zionists continue to displace millions of people, tribes, ethnic & religious groups across the Middle East, while the Israelis calmly ignore the destruction all around them, and the Jews firmly remind the Goyim of their complacent role in the holocaust. 

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  1. Most nationalists are aware of the hysterical attacks made by the Jewish lobby on all who might dare to utter a word of criticism or say something that could offend their very delicate feelings, however they cannot suppress the truth with their raucus whining, nor stop us from standing up and shouting so the truth can again be heard! Long live Golden Dawn!