Thursday, 3 September 2015

Happening Now: Food Appeal in Athens

Thank you to all our supporters and benefactors in Australia, America & Canada who contributed to our latest food appeal. A special mention also goes to the Italian Nationalists of Casa Pound, who again showed us that true solidarity comes not from the money of International bankers, but from the sweat and hardship of working class European Patriots. Their red flag can be seen in the photos below, in respect of their efforts towards the Greeks who are forced to endure another crushing memorandum.

Right now, in Athens, tons of food and supplies are being donated to impoverished Greeks in need, who unfortunately didn't come to Greece on a make shift raft from a foreign land to qualify for free health care and benefits. It is important to note that this is not simply a pre-election show, but a consistent charitable effort on behalf of Golden Dawn, who have always run food appeals in times of need well outside of election season. Even when the public food appeals are complete, poor Greeks are welcomed in many Golden Dawn offices to receive food & supplies to help them survive the financial crisis orchestrated by the greed of our corrupt elite.

The food appeals continue, despite the fact that Golden Dawn is unconstitutionally robbed of literally millions of Euro's it's entitled to as a legitimately elected political party in Greece. Our programs to assist Greeks in need will continue, despite the system's desperate attempt to shut us down.

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