Monday, 21 September 2015

Another electoral battle was won today

Another electoral battle was won today, against all odds. Golden Dawn received 7% of the vote, up from 6.3% in January of this year, while remaining the unchallenged 3rd largest party in Greece.

The result of the election shows that Nationalism is embedded in the hearts of the Greek people, and is the only grass roots movement that is able to grow stronger while being relentlessly attacked by the media & starved of funding by the corrupt parliament. Unlike the establishment parties (both the old & new) who flirt with crooked businessmen and soulless corporations to finance their propaganda machines, Golden Dawn is relentless in its fight for a sovereign Greece.

Today, we are proud of the Greek people who saw through all the slander and mud thrown at our leader in the days leading to the elections.

We are ashamed that our government and its entire political system behaves in a way that completely contradicts the democratic values it claims to hold so dearly, while purposely targeting the third largest party in Greece, denying us our voice to the people. However, we are proud to be part of a living movement, one that is natural and pure enough to withstand the media lies, political persecution, and gaol time that has been used as a political weapon to stop our plan for a free & sovereign Greece.  

The systemic parties, whose only purpose is to serve foreign interest while profiteering for the benefit of their own pockets, have shown just how shallow and superficial they really are. Can the sell outs of Syriza or New Democracy honestly say that if their members were shot at, and all their parliamentarians thrown in gaol, that they would still stand tall for their beliefs? Our movement, which was unconstitutionally denied electoral funding for over 18 months still lives because it has a soul, and doesn’t rely on the lies, deceit and the betrayal of the Greek people to remain in power.

The outcome of the election is a moral vindication of the Head of Golden Dawn, who last week fiercely fought the entire system and its hateful lies. The secular nationalist movement has an enormous responsibly to those that trusted us with their vote of confidence, and to those will soon honour us with their vote in the near future, as Syriza’s treacherous cuts & measures which will soon take effect in the upcoming winter. 

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  1. Golden Dawn is here to stay, sorry Zionists.