Tuesday, 11 August 2015

While poor Greeks go without electricity, Syriza provides air conditioning for illegals

Syriza’s ‘Humanism’ translates in the real world to putting illegal immigrants before indigenous Greeks. This week we have seen the bankrupt nation of Greece, where millions live near or below the poverty line thanks to the financial strangulation of the International Bankers, offering brand new containers with luxury extras such as air conditioning to illegal invaders.

The new settlement, funded by the Greek occupational government of Syriza, is placed in the historical region of Athens known as Botanica. This region was formley a shipping zone, also used by the Greek Navy. To add further to the story, this is also the site where Syriza has approved the city of Athens to build its grand mosque, another project paid for by Syriza using Greek tax payers money.

While thousands of impoverished Greek households are living without electricity in the scorching summer, the Syriza government holds true to its radical leftist ideals, paving the way for the new age slave who will replace the Greek working class. This modern slave is the latest creation of criminal left, who under the propaganda of ‘multiculturalism’, serves the capitalist elite as a base for cheap labour, ready to be exploited. The left prefers to call them ‘refugees’ instead of slaves, and will happily cram them into air conditioned shipping containers, so they can continue to serve the bourgeois while systemically replacing the backbone of Greek society.

One can only ask the question, how does Western Europe’s most bankrupt nation afford to accommodate the thousand of illegals who invade Greece everyday? The answer is simple, the very same people who need these illegals as cheap labour, also provide Greece with the billions of dollars in loans through the latest memorandum. Greece then uses this money to feed the banks, and the remaining surplus to build Mosques or provide air conditioning for illegals. This is the same Greece which is responsible for repaying the loan sharks (with interest), while also being forced by the Lisbon treaty to serve as a dumping ground for European states that no longer want to provide shelter for illegals that originally entered the EU via Greece.
The Golden Dawn Press Office, with regards to the settlement, has issued the following announcement: "thousands of Greeks are homeless, battling the scorching heat and the financial burden of the memorandum, while Syriza prefers to occupy its time providing air conditioning for illegals, demonstrating how the only racism that exists in Greece today is the racism of the Government against the Indigenous ethnic Greeks".

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