Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Tourists shocked as illegal immigrants beat and stab each other in Mytilene

In another grand episode of Multicultural Greece, we saw more illegals exchanging in the culture, traditions, and customs of their motherland here on Greek soil for the benefit of nearby tourists.  

What began as loud Asiatic obscenities being hurled at a group of young men quickly escalated into an all-out brawl, which involved a stabbing and serious head injuries for at least 2 of the interlopers. The severely injured men, who entered the country illegally and have spent no more than a few weeks in the country, were immediately rushed in an ambulance to the local town hospital. They were treated at the expense of the corrupt Greek state, which is beyond bankrupt and can’t even afford to offer honest medical treatment to indigenous Greeks.

The events in Mytilene are by no means an isolated incident, as we have seen similar beatings between Afghans and Pakistani’s on the Island of Kos. One of the incidents also involved a knife, which suggests the typical daily scuffles between illegals are now becoming far more brazen and violent than previously thought

From the suburbs of Northern Chicago, to the East End of London, and the Inner West of Sydney, to the streets of Brooklyn New York, we continuously see the same pattern emerging from unnatural, ‘multicultural’ experiments. Tribal violence and self-elected segregation remain the norm, while some of the more sophisticated communities attempt to use their collective to compete for resources in the crony-capitalist 'free' market of the modern social democracies.

The idea that you can take people from neighbouring Albania and integrate them into Greek society has proven to be absurd, let alone people from other parts of the world. Multiculturalism is proving to be a violent, racially degrading, and costly experiment on the Greeks, which they were neither asked or voted for.

The fact that this latest brawl in Mytilene took place in front of horrified foreign tourists, should provide a reasonable example to even a soul-less capitalist who refuses to acknowledge the racial implications of the illegal immigration crisis. The fact that these people are a burden on our welfare system, and destroying our tourism sector presents itself as a logical argument for a bottom line, financial-thinking person. Who would in their right mind still travel to Mytilene or Kos knowing these islands are being flooded with thousands of illegal immigrants? While the main industry on the Islands turn to shreds due to Marxist social engineering, the locals search for new alternatives in the upcoming elections. 

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