Saturday, 1 August 2015

Piraeus Bike Division

Given the media’s decision to completely ignore and silence the voice of Nationalism in Greece in a time when it most needed,  Golden Dawn continue their activism on a street level which the system finds more and more difficult to stop.

Yiannis Lagos, and Nikos Kouzilos are currently illegally held behind bars in Korrydallos prison. The Nationalist MPs are being gaoled in Piraeus, a move the state has received much backlash for, but refused to give in. One of the many reasons is that Piraeus (a port city) has traditionally been a stronghold for the Greek Communist and anti-nationalist Unions, in order to intimidate Nationalists.

In the last few years, more and more working class Greeks have seen the lies of the Marxism come to full fruition, as their suburbs are now overrun by illegals, their unions have sold out higher interests, and the Communist party’s obvious servitude to the anti-working class system that has ruled this country for over 40 years. The tide begun to turn in the late 2000s, which led to Kouzilos & Lagos being elected as MPs for the region of Piraeus, a sign of changing times and much hope for the future.

It has been over 21 months since Giorgos Fountolis and Manolis Kapelonis were cowardly shot, an assassination the police have not bothered to seriously investigate. It has been more than 18 months since our first MPs were gaoled under false charges, yet 2 of our MPs still remain behind bars. To keep the battle going, members from our Piraeus division took to their bikes, making their way to Korydallos prison to ensure their voices were heard.

The struggle against the system continues, and if the powers to be silence our voice on the air, radio and newspapers, we will continue to take to the streets.


  1. Good job to the Greek Nationalists!

  2. Hail Greece, Hail Golden Dawn! ///Sweden

  3. Best of luck to greece, marxism will be the death of the west without parties like this!