Monday, 24 August 2015

Multiculturalism, the tool of the capitalist elite: Syriza sells out Greek identity for a quick dollar

Marxist, race is simply a ‘social construct’, which serves as the justification for their global egalitarian mantra. Or so they want us to believe. Behind the academic curtains, we see the real Marxist social engineers who simply use minorities as cannon fodder in their war against Western Civilisation. Case in point is the founder of Marxism himself, who believed that ‘niggers’ (a word he frequently used in his writing), lacked the intellect to govern themselves:

The Negro has strength & power to labour, but the Nature which created the power denied to him either the intellect to govern, or willingness to work.”

~ Karl Marx, “Master, Slave, and Overseer,” in Padover, 26.

The modern Marxist talks of racial equality & fairness, while shaking hands with disenfranchised minorities with one hand, and crony capitalists with the other.  Minorities, such as the Blacks in America, were manipulated by Jewish organisations to attack segregation and Whites. Now, after nearly half a century of ‘racial integration’, blacks are in a far worse position than they were during pre-segregation, and so are Whites. Some Africans-Americans have started to wake up and see that they were taken advantage of by the Jewish elite for their own Zionist agenda, a concession that even Jewish intellectuals have written about.

The same can be said for every Western country, where the modern social-democrats use ‘multiculturalism’ as the driving propaganda to further their economic exploitation. From the cheap labour of Arab & Vietnamese refugees, to the home-inflating Chinese bourgeois, the cog of Australian ‘diversity’ keeps the wheel of capital rolling, while the white working class is left to rot at the hand of the usurers.

For every Asiatic student that is allowed to study here in our 457 production factories (known more commonly in Australia as ‘universities’), a new mobile phone plan is needed, as is a bank account, a car, an apartment, and other necessities that help keep the pockets of the international capitalists full. 

Meanwhile, previously White neighbourhoods become unrecognizable, and working class Europeans struggle to hear the very sound of English in suburbs we now feel isolated and alienated within. The dumping of thousands of cashed up Chinese every year has priced many young families out of the housing market, forced to live as modern serfs to the new landlord class, while being completely subsidised by our treacherous government.

The Marxists care not for the welfare of minorities, but for the effect they have in balkanising the strong and dominant host population, while offering cheap economic incentives to the corporations and usurers.  The divide and conquer strategy undermines the White working class, while providing less resistance to the parasites that profit from the complete destruction of the traditional European family.

The same can be now said in Greece, where the latest unconstitutional Citizenship bill passed by Syriza offers foreigners Greek Citizenship. The propaganda surrounding this move was that it was done for ‘humanitarian’ reasons, and to help promote multiculturalism in Greece. Besides contradicting the very values of the Hellenic Polis, and the modern constitution on which Greece was founded, the citizenship law is now nothing more than a cash cow for the government. The price to apply for citizenship has now more than doubled to 700 euros, in order to help fill the pockets of the Syriza-Capitalist elite. The money ofcourse will not go towards a single Greek, instead it will go to the International Bankers who Syriza have agreed to pay back over 180% of our GDP, with interest.

As we have said many times – You are born Greek, you do not ‘become’ Greek. The multicultural-capitalist freak show must be abolished immediately, and the complete and total repatriation of Greece’s illegal invaders is an absolute priority for Greek Nationalists. Greece belongs to Greeks, to say otherwise is an insult to history and reason itself. 

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