Monday, 31 August 2015

Latest Polls place Golden Dawn 12.4%

The latest polls from taken between the 23rd and 28th of August have placed Golden Dawn at 12.4%. This is fairly consistent with even the most systemic-controlled polls of the state, which generally place the Nationalists consistently at number 3 at various percentages.

Given the poor results of the leading parties, who are unlikely to formaa majority government without a coalition, there is a good chance the 3rd largest party could become National Opposition following the upcoming elections. Although the Popular Unity Party (Syriza splinter group) were unfairly given the chance to form government in place of Golden Dawn, it is fair to say their short lived place at the top 3 will not remain for long if the latest poll results are anything to go by.

Although Golden Dawn’s rise in popularity has been forecasted by a number of political commentators and analysts, these latest results from place New Democracy well above Syriza. As it stands, New Democracy currently has an interim leader since the departure of Samaras, who has neither the direction nor the charisma to be a serious leader of the country.

The latest trend in Greece has been the fragmentation of the traditional and largest parties, which includes the split between New Democracy and current coalition leaders of the Independent Greeks, Syriza and their break aways of the Popular Unity Party, and Papandreou who formed the Movement of Democratic Socialists from PASOK.

The lack of unity amongst the systemic parties suggests that as their votes are split between them, they may lack the ability to form a government that satisfies either of their voting bases. As we saw with the last government, New Democracy and PASOK supporters were both abandoning their parties following their inevitable coalition. The same can be said for the latest Syriza / Independent Greeks coalition, which neither hard line Marxists or Patriots approved of. 

The coming political chaos that has been created artificially by foreign powers and the self-destructiveness of Social Democracy suggests few parties other than Golden Dawn will have anything to gain in the proposed September 20 elections.

The latest poll results are as follow-

New Democracy: 23.1%
Syriza: 18,6%
Golden Dawn 12.4%
Popular Union Party: 11%
Union of centrists 7.5%
PASOK: 4.9%
KKE: 4.5%
The River: 4.1%
Independent Greeks: 1%

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