Monday, 31 August 2015

Jewish Film is an Attack on Western Civilisation

As Australia continues down the slippery slope of Cultural Marxism, we find ourselves facing a reality that is difficult to distinguish from nihilistic fiction. Social norms that have their reasoning in common sense morality are now been broken, while we face ideas that would have been absurd just 10 years ago, let alone 100 years ago.

The latest attempted assault on the traditional European family unit has hit Australia once again through the decadent film industry. ‘Gayby Baby’ is a film shamelessly promoting the idea of same-sex homosexual parenting. The film-makers describe one of the 4 main children characters as a young boy who is raised by lesbians:

‘10 year old Gus is passionate about WWE wrestling. At a time when he’s discovering his masculinity, he finds its macho world alluring. But the violent wrestlers encapsulate everything Gus’s mothers dislike about masculine culture: these men are not their idea of good male role models. With a big wrestling show coming to Sydney, Gus must change his mothers’ views if he’s to attend’.

The film, being nothing short of homosexual propaganda that is purposely targeted to children, is an attempt to normalise the degeneration of family values & to demonise masculinity. The film was set to be aired at an Inner West High School, but stopped short by NSW Education Minister Adrian Picoli.

The blocking of the film from NSW Public Schools has since caused ‘outrage’ across the sexually perverted community. First we had known lesbian MP Penny Sharpe, who made the ludicrous claim that creating ‘LGBTI’ families was ‘normal’ for human beings:

"In the eyes of some, the thousands of gay men, lesbian, transgender and intersex people and our families in our communities are not normal. It is time for this to stop. I am normal. My kids are normal. Being gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or intersex is normal. It is called being a human being. Aspiring to have a family is normal. Creating LGBTI families is normal."

Next in line is another known race-mixed lesbian, Labour Frontbencher Penny Wong, who slammed the NSW government for banning the screening of the film at schools. While 2 lesbian politicians & the mainstream media back the film while laughably pretending to represent the broader community outside of their trendy, inner city gay villages, it is preposterous to think that average working class Australians would approve such a film being aired to their children during school time.

The producers of the Gayby Baby project are more or less made up of your usual suspects, with 2 Jews (Max Lyandvert & Rochelle Oshlack) credited as part of the ‘makers’ of the film, the latter being the chief Editor of this pro-homosexual propaganda. The film is also being publically bank rolled by grants from the Australian Government (at Australian tax payers expense), and the Documentary Australia Foundation, which is run by CEO Dr Mitzi Goldman, who is also on the board of another key sponsor, Good Pitch 2 Australia.

The idea here of Jews backing degeneracy through the film industry is nothing new and has a history dating back to the beginning of Hollywood.

The major founding film production companies of Hollywood were almost entirely created and led by Eastern European Jews, including Universal Studios & Independent Moving Pictures (founded both by Carl Laemmle), Goldwyn Pictures (founded by Sam Goldwyn), World Film Company (founded by Lewis J. Selznick), Fox Film (founded by William Fox), Metro Pictures (co-founded by Louis B. Mayer) & Warner Brothers (founded by Harry Warner). In addition to the film industry, the major American broadcasters were likewise all founded by Jews, the biggest 3 being CBS (William S. Paley), NBC (David Sarnoff), and ABC (Leonard Goldenson).

With their Judaic-monopoly on the film and TV industry, the Jewish broadcasters began to subvert the morals of the host population by producing films and shows that attacked the very family traditions that all great Western nations where built on. Although the Catholic Church had a short lived success during the 1930s in forcing Hollywood to submit to the National Legion of Decency, the boycott was severely weakened in 1952, when the Supreme Court ruled in favour of a Jewish producer by the name of Joseph Burstyn, overturning a case for state censorship and decency. Since then, the film & TV industry has been free to promote everything from miscegenation, consumerism, sexual degeneracy, violence and other anti-family values.

Beginning in the 1990s and continuing till today, this Jewish Film industries assault on decency expanded to the embracing of the homosexual agenda, while promoting the feminization of men and the deconstruction of traditional sex roles. 

The product of this psychological warfare included the most popular openly pro-gay TV shows, such as Will & Grace (created by Jew Max Mutchnick), Orange is the New Black (created by Jew Jenji Kohan), Queer as Folk (created by gay Jews Ron Cowen & Daniel Lipman), Modern Family (co-created by Jew Steven Levitan), & Faking it (Directed by Jew David Kassen).

Australia’s 2 most well-known gay themed movies had also been produced by members of the tribe, including Priscilla – Queen of the desert (created by Jew Stephen Elliott), & the Sum of Us (written by Jew David Stephens).

Meanwhile more Jewish, Hollywood-inspired freaks down in Melbourne continue to promote their unsanitary ideas with the video competition below. In what it appears to be an unintentional play into one of the oldest stereotypes about the frugality of the Semites, one of the wealthiest communities in Australia is only offering a measly $200 dollars for the winner… how Jewish can you get?

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