Saturday, 22 August 2015

Insight: Why Tsipras resigned

After receiving the green light from Berlin, having finished their dirty work by enforcing the 3rd memorandum against the popular vote of the people, Alexis Tsipras has now announced his decision to resign, forcing early National elections. The proposed elections will formally take place in the near future, with the most likely date being September 20th of this year.

Why did Tsipras resign?

We speculated shortly after Tsipra’s capitulation to the international loan sharks that early elections would be called in the Greek Autumn. The basis for the snap elections was predicted to be due to an internal dispute within Syriza, specifically Lafazani’s ‘Left Faction’ that owned roughly 1/3rd of the no vote to Tsipra’s RADICAL memorandum. In response to this internal disagreement, Tsipras was to hold an internal vote of confidence within his party in September, which would of potentially triggered elections in October, should he of lucked out.

Tsipras has instead decided to play a rather sly move, by resigning today in order to force elections sooner than expected. The reason for this lies with the fact that Tsipra’s popularity is still relatively strong, as the incredibly damaging memorandum he passed has not yet had a chance to take effect on the Greeks.

For now, many young Greeks feel that Tsipras has put up a good fight, and settled for a resolution that doesn’t quite seem to hurt all that much, which is ofcourse only because the sting of the memorandum is yet to be felt. The conditions of the International loan sharks are expected to hit Greeks in October, and slowly increase over the bitter winter.

How are the Greeks reacting?

For now, some of the easy tourism money made during Greece’s most profitable season is making life just that little bit more easier for a people who have gone for so long with nothing. The warm Mediterranean sun is washing away people’s anxieties, while they relax in their cafes and beaches with what remains of their savings.

For those that have relatives in Greece, you may notice that they have started to sell bits and pieces of their assets in order to help make ends meet. With Greece’s traditionally high taxes, some Greeks operated in the ‘cash economy’, which remains largely accessible despite the empty bank accounts, another important contributing factor to the relative ease during Greece’s transition into bankruptcy.

The fact is that there is only so much cash you can hide under your pillow, and only so many bits of pieces of gold and silver jewellery that you can sell off. For those that had a family holiday home out in the country side, perhaps they can hold out a little longer on the quick sale they made to an overseas expat. 

Eventually, all this money will soon run out, and for the many unemployed families that rely on their fathers pension to get by, they may soon find themselves being forced to go to bed hungry at night thanks to Syriza’s radical memorandum. The timing for this will most certainly take place after October, meaning many Greeks may still be relatively comfortable come the early vote in September.

For this reason, the rebellion against Syriza may not be so great. Tsipras knows all too well that his life line still remains, as he capitalises on this short lived fortune to secure another majority vote while he still can.

What can Golden Dawn expect?

It is still too early to tell, but the latest fear in the system is that there are predictions as high as 12% for the Nationalists.

As the trial continues to collapse, and many more Golden Dawn MPs are now coming out of gaol, there is hope that more grass roots activism can help secure our best victory yet. Many Greeks are being flooded greater than ever by waves of illegal immigration, and neither of the opposition parties appear strong enough to actually tackle the problem.

It is certain at this stage that the media will continue to ignore Golden Dawn, and more sabotage of ballots, along with the typical anarchists intimidation at the polling booths will take place in September.

Despite these challenges, Golden Dawn will continue to move forward, in order to secure our nation for the sovereignty of the Greek people. As the only remaining anti-austerity party, Golden Dawn may secure a new wave of voters that wrongfully trusted Syriza in January of this year, which may bring promising dividends to the only movement that is fighting for the interests of Greeks. 

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