Saturday, 1 August 2015

Illegal Immigration in the Aegean - All time high

Every day, more and more illegal immigrants, many of whom are the product of Zionist-Washington imperialism in the Middle Easter, continue to flood into Greece. Their main passages include being personally escorted by Turkish authorities through Thrace and dumped into Greece, and the other being directly by sea via the Aegean Islands.
Reports have shown a 295% increase in arrests of illegal immigrants recorded in the first quarter of 2015, in comparison to same period last year in 2014. This includes a total of 96,550 people, the vast majority according to police who are Afghans & Syrian males.

The question we need to ask is firstly, if these people are entering our nation illegally, who are they, and what are they doing in Greece? The majority of Syrians are a proud people, who support Nationalist president Bashir Al-Assad. The huge majority of these illegals charged of crimes in Greece are men, many of whom are within the proper age bracket to serve in the armed forces. If these spineless rejects aren’t prepared to stay in Syria and fight for their own nation, what civic value could they potentially offer an alien country to them in the case of Greece?
Cowardly Mutineers, criminals, and low lifes better describes the nationless young men who have fled Syria for Europe. Not only are they responsible for a massive crime wave in Greece, but they are also abandoning their fatherland which is struggling to remain an independent state in the face of Judeo-American internationalist who are personally funding the so called ‘moderate jihadists’ in Syria.

The Greek men that arrived in Australia came in mass numbers well after WW2 & the Civil War was over, after each had served their duty to their nation. Unlike the Greeks who applied through the proper channels to migrate to Australia, these Syrians have no respect for their own Nation, let alone the sovereignty of another state which they have no qualms in illegally entering.
The second question we need to ask is what is our occupied government doing about this crisis? In the month of July alone, the North Eastern Aegean has seen itself become a gateway for illegals, with 21,314 recorded in Lesvos, 3,598 in Samos, and 163 in Chios. Compare this to the 25,000 that arrived in all of 2014 in this region alone, and we have an unprecedented invasion that even included an ISIS member.
Yiannis Yannels, Secretary of the Aegean reports the dire situation
"In the last 40 days, we have seen over 40,000 illegals that have since been transporters to Athens. Every day 1,000 people arrive on the island, and we struggle to host 4,000 people with our minimum infrastructure ".
The above quote and even the states own statistics shows that our government is not in denial about the situation. This isn’t like when Papandreou lied to the people just before the Financial Crisis in Greece with the famous slogan of ‘there is money!’.
If the crisis it out in the open, then what exactly is Syriza doing about the problem? It appears Syriza has thus far responded by providing hotels for invaders, releasing illegals from detention centres onto the streets of Athens, building Athen’s first Grand Mosque for Muslims, and last but not least, offering them Greek citizenship.
What possible satisfaction do the Marxists get in seeing Greece open its boarder to literally thousands of illegals every day? Have they no respect for their nation, their people, or their culture? Greece has neither the infrastructure or the money to support ourselves, let alone thousands of foreign interlopers. What possible argument is there to justify this silent invasion?
The answer is simple, the modern Marxist man hates his own kind. The very reflection of his own skin colour, the sound of his own nation anthem, and the sight of his own flag are all offensive to today’s leftist. These ethnomasochists get some kind of sick satisfaction in seeing their own people fall into decline, selling them out to the international bankers, while lettings swarms of barbarians overrun our homeland.
The cuckolds of Syriza care more about bending backwards for Syrian illegals, then do they for the thousands of ethnic Greek babies that are aborted every year, as well as the thousands of young Greeks who migrate legally out of Greece in search of work. By allowing the murder of our unborn, and chasing off our youngest, the modern Marxist intellectual takes great satisfaction in seeing our boarders open, while our best leave, and we inherit the garbage of the 3rd world. All in the name of freedom, egalitarianism, and global ‘socialism’.  

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