Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Greece outdoes UK in accommodating illegals

The United Kingdom is arguably one of the worst effected Western countries to be hit by Cultural Marxism. It is no wonder why hundreds of Africans this week risk life and limb to cross Calais for the green shores of England. They do this knowing they will be treated like an endangered species and pampered by the British Nanny State that adores all things vibrant. Given the relatively conservative and religious nature of the Greeks, in comparison to other Western Europeans, you would think Greece would have somewhat of a harder stance on dealing with illegal invaders.

The truth however is that the United Kingdom is actually showing small signs of sanity, as seen this Monday in parliament:

‘The British government is set to unveil a new set of rules aimed at making it harder for landlords to take advantage of immigrants living in the country as well as putting an additional burden on them to check the immigration status of their tenants.

Among others, the new set of legislation to be pushed through parliament includes:

  • Allow landlords to evict illegal immigrants without a court order;
  • Impose a fine or imprisonment of up to five years on landlords if they fail to check the immigration status of tenants;
  • Introduce a new fit and proper test for landlords to ensure the properties are safe for tenants; and
  • Allow councils to ban repeat offending landlords from renting out properties’

That’s right, this proposes up to 5 years gaol for landlords which lease their homes to illegal aliens. In response, Greece earlier this year passed the Citizenship law which means that:

  • Human traffickers can continue to smuggle illegals into our boarder, PROVIDED they don’t make a profit from it
  • Business owners who hire illegals no longer have to pay a 1,500 euro fine, it’s now just a 150 euro fine, making it more than affordable than ever to take part in the modern slave trade

So there you have it, the very home of modern liberalism has put modern Greece to shame. If Greece had the same money as the UK, you can guarantee Tsipras and Immigration Minister Christodoulopoulou would have these invaders living in 5 star Penthouses, rather than renovated deluxe hotels in Kos.

Speaking of Kos, we have received reports of a new wave of cultural enrichment that has been embraced by the tiny island. Over 500 refugees, mostly Iraqi Men, showed us the true meaning of diversity as they struggled to put together then necessary documents needed to move to the mainland.  All this was for the benefit of locals and tourists, who watched silently as the mob worked its way through the village centre.

These migrants are ensuring Greece is now, what the radical Marxists would refer to as, ‘progressive’. These videos below are the true face of progress in modern Greece.

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