Friday, 14 August 2015

Golden Dawn takes to the tolls

Only a short time now until the Systemic Arc ratifies the anti-Greek memorandum. Syrza, Independent Greeks, The River, PASOK and New Democracy are all lining up to vote on more measures to provide the International Bankers with the powers needed to full occupy our nation and bleed our people to extinction.

Assisting this Arc is the treacherous Communist Party, which sits idly by and does nothing to stop the memorandum from passing. The immediate reaction of Golden Dawn has been to strongly resist the system, and continue the battle both in and outside of Parliament.

While the media continues to purposely ignore the voice of Nationalists & downplays the current parliament vote, hundreds of Golden Dawn activists took to the streets to spread the word. In a drive to build citizen awareness, Nationalists occupied the tolls, ports, and street corners to hand out flyers and papers alerting Greeks to the great betrayal of the political elites.

The information also detailed Golden Dawn’s plan for a free and strong Greece, which includes the termination of the memorandum, the rebuilding of our agricultural and manufacturing sector, followed by the alignment of our Geo-political alliances away from NATO/EU and towards Orthodox Russia. The latest illegal invasion by thousands of Syrians & Afghans is waking up more and more Greeks, many who voted their entire lives for the Communist party, and are now coming over to the only true anti-systemic party that has the will and plan to fight for an independent Greece.

Patriots from across Greece are now realising there are only 2 parties: The Golden Dawn versus everyone else. The current stooges of the system talk of ‘radicalism’, ‘change’, and ‘justice’, yet they unashamedly sign away our national sovereignty, the very reason they were elected into power to stop.  As Golden Dawn continues to raise in the polls, the current parties continues their steady decline into what may soon be National elections this coming Autumn. 

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