Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Chaos in Kos

As the situation in the Dodecanese Islands deteriorates in the bankrupt nation of Greece, where nearly 30% of the population now live below the poverty line, and 17% are unable to afford their daily food intake, the island of Kos still provides aid to the illegal aliens. In the footage below, you can see the confused mayor handing out water & supplies to the shameless interlopers

In return, the Illegal immigrants, mainly from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran, concentrated outside Kos police station for an awesome display of cultural vibrancy to all the Island locals.

Many beatings took place, as the savages returned to their tribal roots, with the Pakistanis being unanimously unliked by the Iranians & Afghans. Fortunately some of the violence was all caught on tape, least the mainstream media blames ‘fascists’ for the beating of foreigners. It is important to note that when perpetrators are caught in a case of violence against minorities in Greece, it almost always turns out to be illegals on other illegals. In cases when the aggressor is not caught or identified, the media will usually blame Golden Dawn, despite having no proof what so ever.

Back to the island of Kos, it is important to remember the narrative surrounding these illegals, and the justification for letting them arrive in Europe, which is now collapsing at an incredible rate. Kos, like many Greek islands, voted the Marxist Syriza party into power, who have called for a radical overhaul of Greece’s treatment of ‘refugees’ and minorities. Examples include the funding and approval of a grand mosque in Athens, releasing illegals from the detention centres onto the streets of Athens, and overriding the constitution to provide citizenship to non-Greeks.

Since the 1960s, the Greek islands went from some of the poorest regions in Greece to some of the most richest hubs in the country. A once humble island fisherman within a single generation, thanks to tourism, could become wealthy beyond his wildest dreams. Along with the money came a sheltered lifestyle, free of the Albanian crime wave that hit Greece in the early 90s, and the general problems associated with the corruption of modern urban life.

Most Aegean Greeks on the islands had rather pleasant experiences with foreigners, as the majority of non-Greeks they met were generally tourists. The word ‘Xenos’ (foreigner) had a very different and almost positive connotation on the Greek Islands, which was in sharp contrast to the working class Greeks who shared neighbourhoods with Albanian & Gypsy criminals. Voting for parties like Syriza, that strongly defended foreigners over Greeks, was considered almost a humanitarian duty for the wealthy Island bourgeois. After all, how different could an Australian tourist be to an Iraqi refugee?

In 2015, the sheltered wealthy enclaves on the peripheries of Greece are starting to come crashing down, as Illegal immigrants no longer just dwell and commit their crimes in Greece’s 3 largest cities. For the first time, the illegals are flooding the Aegean and Dodecanese islands, and the locals are feeling the true sting of illegal immigration. Now the foreigners they claimed to once love are actually swarming the tiny island of Kos, which has neither the infrastructure or resources to accommodate these illegals.

The once beautiful and scenic beaches are now covered in shanty towns and filth, brought on by the hordes of invaders. The wealthy Island locals, many of whom voted for the Communist party for most of their lives, are now seeing the true face of internationalism. The proud state of Greece once protected its borders for a reason, and the Syriza government which seeks to accommodate the so called 'refugees' is showing their voters exactly what a ‘progressive’ and ‘multicultural’ society really looks like. Though many on the islands believed the Marxist lies, some Island Greeks stayed true to their nationalist roots, with more & more coming to our ranks following the recent chaos.

The ever changing narrative surrounding illegal immigrants is beginning to collapse, as it struggles to keep up with reality. The justification for illegal immigration started off during prosperous times, when we were told ‘Albanians do the jobs Greeks don’t want  to do’. As Greece feel to over 25% unemployment in the coming years after the Athenian Olympics, the narrative changed to ‘these people are seeking refuge from war’. Now that we see thousands of Iranians, Bangladeshis, and Pakistanis in flooding Greece, the Island locals are scratching their heads, as there is no war in Iran, Pakistan or Bangladesh. In Europe, the latest argument is that refugees ‘bring cultural vibrancy’, but we all know what an utter failure that would prove to be in the culturally rich nation of Greece.  So the question remains, why should we continue to let these people invade our land?

These so called refugees, if they really are refugees, would fare much better in a nearby nation in order to seek to genuine assylum, rather than paying people smugglers over 6,500 euros to cross endless safe countries (such as Turkey) in order to come to Greece. These 'refugees' are nothing more than the rejects of their own country, watching ridiculous EU propaganda, thinking they will all be treated like royalty here on the other side of the world.

As for the women and children of Syria & Iraq, the wealthy oil producing Middle Eastern countries, such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the UAE have a responsibility to their fellow Middle Eastern people, considering it’s their rogue elites which fund the terrorist savages that have caused the very wars these people are fleeing from.

The bankrupt nation of Greece, with no cultural links to these people, has neither the obligation or duty to serve the men of Bangladesh, simply because they don’t like the nation they were born in. Calling them a refugee, when there is no war in the country, is an insult to real refugees, such as the Greeks Pontians who fled genocide in Turkey for the shores of modern Greece, a land where they shared important racial connections with other Hellenes. The fake refugees from the peaceful nation of Iran who sneak into Greece illegally, are not comparable to the European Greeks, who lawfully entered Australia, a nation that shared a common Christian & Western civilisation that was inspired heavily by our great ancestors. 

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