Thursday, 4 June 2015

Sparta - Honoring the last Emperor of Byzantium

In addition to our last report earlier this week on the Tribute to the Marble King, we would like to follow up with more special footage from Golden Dawn Sparta.

The Spartans, maintaining their reputation for discipline and honour, marched for 7km together to the historic city centre of modern Sprarta; Mystra, where stands tall a statue of the Marble King Constantine Paleologus. Joined by our comrades from nearby Golden Dawn Kalamata & Mani, as well as Golden Dawn MEP Georgios Epitideios, the Greek Nationalists paid their respect to our last great Emperor.

The ceremony in Mystra opened with Golden Dawn Sparta leader, Xristos Katrakis, who greeted all those who came, and reminding everyone in his speech that we are still not a free nation. Special mention was given to the ongoing fight for our land, and the need to maintain vigilance in these times of uncertainty.

Key note speaker Former Lieutenant General Epitideios continued Katrakis’s theme, by comparing the siege and occupation of Constantinople by the Turko-Mongol hordes to the modern enemies of today’s Greece. Our foes no longer invade our nation with turbans and muskets, instead they wear suits, and occupy big businesses & bureaucratic positions. These modern foes work in full cooperation with the international bankers to undermine not just Greece, but all of European civilisation.

Paleologus serves as a symbol for striving European unity, as well as courage & bravery against all odds. Our Hellenic philosophy dictates that one must fight for justice and what is right, and not to simply side with the ‘winning side’ in order to save ones skin. It is better to die a free man, then to live life on your knees as a slave.

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