Monday, 15 June 2015

Judeo-Feminism in Australia: A great crime against working class families

The feminist war against Australian families reached its major breakthrough in the 1960s, mimicking the ‘women’s rights’ propaganda of their American/British counterparts overseas. From London to Paris, and from New York to Melbourne, the feminists, under the commands of Jewish Frankfurt school ‘academics’, attempted to destroy the backbone of Western Civilisation; the European family unit.  Today, the same feminists work hand in hand with the government and capitalist elite, to undermine traditional values for the benefit of major corporations.

Feminists – slaves to the parasite class

In the late 1800s, a prominent Jewess by the name of Vida Goldstein, who after successfully campaigning for Women’s Suffrage in Australia, managed to become the first women in the British Empire to stand for national election. Along with Fanny Reading of the Australian Council for Jewish Women & Dora Montefiore (an early feminist who married into a prominent Sephardic family), Goldstein was considered one of the major pioneers of ‘Australian’ feminists. The next wave of women’s rights would see the torch passed onto other known Jewish Feminists in Australia, such as Eva Cox, Peta Jones Pellach, Mina Fink, Ruby Rich-Schalit, Nerida Cohen, & Barbara Bloch.

Along with the philo-Jew Germaine Greer, a supposed gentile who spoke Yiddish, socialised almost exclusively with Jews, slept with Jewish men, and considered herself al things Jewish, used radical feminist terrorism, such as convincing young impressionable women to drink their own menstrual fluid in order to become fully ‘emancipated’. The feminist war against the traditional family unit urged women to abandon the household to seek employment in order to become ‘free’.

The result of feminism on working class families

While slaving away for the capitalist elite, the introduction of millions of women into the Australian workforce (thanks to Marxist-Feminism) saw our once great living standards plummet for working class families. With an oversupply of labour, businesses could now undercut salaries for workers, meaning a household income now requires 2 full time workers in order to generate the same wealth as 1 full time worker prior to the feminist revolution.

In relative terms, if we go back to 1970 when most families had only 1 full time worker, average household income was roughly 1 quarter of the cost of a house. Today, in Sydney alone, the Median house price is well over 900,000, and with wages failing to keep up, 2 working class parents on a median income would need to devote almost a decade of their combined salaries to purchase a house. With women forced to give up motherhood to pay off the mortgage, we have seen our lowest fertility rates in Australian history, while we are literally being replaced by tens of thousands of Asiatics every year.

Today we see fat pigs like ‘Liberal’ politician Joe Hockey, who live in multimillion dollar properties on the exclusive North Shore, while belittling workers with their cheap rhetoric. We only see complete silence from the feminists, who continue to work hand in hand with the capitalist elite to push for more and more inclusion of women into the system. Such is the recent trend with ‘diversity’ quotas and other unnatural government forced measures to put women into roles we have traditionally protected them from, such as mining, the police force, and the military.

While undercutting the cost of labour for the benefit of capitalists, feminism has forced working class women to abandon the family, the household, and motherhood in order to seek a selfish existence that revolves around money, materialism, personal ego, and the termination of gender norms. The greatest victim of feminism to this day firmly remains the traditional family and working class Europeans.

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