Thursday, 14 May 2015

Syriza-ANEL coalition approves construction of Mosque in Athens

The anti-Greek government coalition of Syriza & Independent Greeks has officially passed an amendment which allows the construction of a Mosque in Athens. The amendment, which was voted against by the Nationalists of Golden Dawn, was pioneered by the previous New Democracy/PASOK coalition, proving once again that the powers that be are empowering Muslims in order to undermine Greece. The left does so to increase their voter base of non-Greeks, while the right panders to the wishes of the Neo-Ottoman criminal state of Turkey.

The medias deception began almost immediately, when they rushed to declare that the amendment was opposed by Golden Dawn & Independent Greeks. Although Golden Dawn was proud to officially vote against the mosque, it must be said that the so called ‘far-right nationalists’ of Independent Greeks did literally nothing to block the proposal, despite being part of the ruling coalition government. No call for the withdrawal of the amendment was made by Independent Greeks, allowing it to pass with ease in parliament.

Independent Greeks leader, Panos Kammenos, threatened earlier this year to send hundreds and thousands of illegal immigrants all over Europe, in hopes of achieving financial support from the international loan sharks. It appears this latest move to build mosques for these illegals will only make Greece feel more ‘at home’ for Muslims, who will probably decide to stay in Greece now that they have a government financed Mosque to worship & plot in.

The former criminal regime of Samaras, while claiming to be ‘patriotic’ and tough on immigrants, much like Independent Greeks, was actually happy to vote for the amendment as they did when in power. The conservative shills made a promise long ago to Turkey, assuring them that the plans to build a mosque would go ahead. This goes to show once again that the so called ‘centre right’ takes their orders from Turks, at the expense of the Greek people.

As the fake patriots of New Democracy and Independent Greeks continue to sell our their voter base by building mosques for illegal invaders, the Golden Dawn remains the only significant party to represent the ethnic-interests of the Greek people. With Tsipras now losing anti-austerity supporters with his latest submission to Brussels, and Independent Greeks losing their patriotic base in order to build unwanted Mosques, it appears the Golden Dawn is the only remaining party to action the will of the Greek people.

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