Thursday, 14 May 2015

European Nationalists unite against political persecution of patriots

On the 9th and 10th of May 2015, Nationalists from Spain, Denmark, France, Germany, Belgium, Greece and Italy met in the heart of Europe, to gather for the first forum against the political persecution & repression by state authorities against European patriots. Held in Paris, under the Aegis of the Alliance for Peace & Freedom (APF), the forum was strongly backed by Golden Dawn MP, Artemis Matthiopolous, who is also the General Secretary of the APF.

The first day of the forum was to identify specific examples and cases of un-just political persecution of Nationalists, as well as the striking similarities that are happening to the many persecuted nationalists groups from different nations. The similarities are not merely a coincidence, as a clear pattern begins to emerge, one in which the European social-democracies and their capitalist puppet masters show anything but democratic values in opposition to rising Nationalist groups.

The most well-known example of anti-nationalist political persecution, is that of the Golden Dawn, which was addressed specifically by the wife of Golden Dawn spokesperson, Irene Pappas, who also represented the Golden Dawn newspaper, ‘Empros’. Pappas stressed the importance of organisation and unity amoung patriots, to embrace the many different driving values that make us nationalists, be they Monarchists, Traditionalists, or believers of strong religious convictions.  Closing with this powerful quote, Pappas said loudly ‘we fight for our ancestors, for our children, and for our people. The Golden Dawn moves forward, and will one day reclaim our fatherland, in a Europe of the Nations. Long live victory!’.

The evening of the first day of the forum concluded with a commemoration to our fallen nationalist brother, Sébastien Deyzieu. In the following and final day of the event, Golden Dawn was represented at two marches, organised both in the morning and afternoon within France. The marches were in honour of French Nationalist heroine, Joan of Arc, and her struggle for a free France.

The chants, slogans and speeches under the great statue of Joan of Arc, showed that nationalists, regardless of their differences, are committed to working in unity against the danger that threatens the very future of our European nations. The survival of our race is at stake, and we must unite together in order to overcome the growing dangers of our time.

The solidarity of European Nationalists to the Golden Dawn movement was inspiring, and demonstrated that once again, the determination and struggle for our nations is greater than any petty differences we may hold. Together, we fight for a free and independent Europe, a Europe of the Nations.


  1. Attacking our own kind must stop, we must all focus on the enormous challenges that face our European people, throughout the world, the criminals and traitors that now control western nations, must be brought to justice!

  2. Spanish people are not white. Catalans are white. Spain is a cancer. White power.