Wednesday, 8 April 2015

The promises Syriza loves to break, and the promises they love to keep

The Syriza party was elected on the promise to the Greek people that they would ‘tear up the memorandum’ and end the austerity measures which are crippling Greece. After months of being in power, Syriza have not only failed to fulfil their promise, but have agreed to the same terms (if not, worse) of the memorandum under known Troika-Slave, former Prime Minister Samaras.

One must now ask the question- if Syriza lied about the memorandum, what pre-election promises will they keep?

First, we have the situation with the illegal immigrants, where Syriza promised to close down what they described as ‘inhumane detention centres’. Well, fortunately for the Greek people Syriza didn’t lie about everything, and now they can look forward to the endless cultural enrichment, as Syriza within its first month into power fulfilled its promise by releasing hordes of illegals onto the streets of Greece.

Secondly, Syriza had promised to clamp down on the authorities, as they believed they were too harsh when dealing with civil disorder. Thankfully, Syriza fulfilled its promise to soften up the authorities, and disarmed the riot police overnight in order to protect any innocent Anarchists hooligans while they burn the city of Athens.

Now Syriza is looking to capitalise on their next promise; scrapping the famous ‘hoodie’ law. In Greece, Anarchist thugs are known to cover their faces in order to conceal their identities while committing crimes. From arson, to bank robberies, and even murder, hooded Anarchists terrorise Greek society and often go unpunished for their crimes due to lack of evidence.  Now Syriza is looking to make it even easier for these Anarchist criminals to get away with their crimes, by removing the laws which call for harsher sentencing for masked criminals.  The Syriza MPs are also looking to make it more difficult to obtain DNA evidence from suspects, to ensure criminals they have a greater chance of escaping justice. All this not for ‘social justice’, but to help ease the number of people being sent to gaol, because after all, it’s better these criminals are on the streets than locked up in a cramped cell.

The Greeks can now only pray that Syriza continues to fulfil their promises to flood our streets with illegal immigrants, disarm the riot police, and ensure hooded criminals can commit their crimes without fearing their identity being compromised.

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