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The Far-Left counter protests Reclaim Australia rallies

What is Reclaim Australia?

In short, Reclaim Australia could be best summed up as Australia’s answer to Germany’s recent PEGIDA movement, rallying ‘patriots’ across Australia’s multicultural communities against the Islamification of Australian society.

Unlike other attempts in the past by similar Civic Nationalist movements, the Reclaim cause actually attracted tens of thousands of supporters on social media. Despite poor weather in some regions, thousands across Australia rallied in 16 capital and regional cities against Islamism.

In response to Reclaim Australia, the far-left organised a number of counter rallies, some of which saw small outbreaks of violence, such as in Melbourne. It seems outside the decadent inner-city hubs of Melbourne, where green dyed hair and female armpit hair are considered ‘normal’, the leftists where unable to outnumber the predominantly working-class Reclaim Australia protesters in all regional cities, with the Green stronghold of Hobart being a notable exception.

Clarifying our relation to the Reclaim Australia

To confirm - there is no relation, either formal or informal between Golden Dawn and the Reclaim Australia movement. Both Golden Dawn and Reclaim Australia operate under entirely different ideologies and there is no dialogue or working relations between our movements.

Reclaim Australia is a Civic Nationalist movement, meaning anyone of any race who identifies with Australia is able to attend. The Civic Nationalist movement, in both Australia and Europe, is reactionary in nature, and their foundation is based on opposing the Islamification of the West. Despite the leftists who love to throw the word ‘racist’ at anything to the right of Trotsky, there is no call in Reclaim Australia to re-establish the racial integrity of the Australian state, as seen with the historical White Australia policy.

In contrast to Civic-Nationalism, Golden Dawn is a Social-Nationalist movement, which aims to maintain the ethno-state principles on which the Hellenic Republic was founded. Our ideology is based on thousands of years of Hellenism, and has more in common with Ancient Spartan politics than the modern ‘conservative right’.

In the lead up to the Reclaim Australia rallies, the leftists spread a series of false rumours that suggested Golden Dawn would be attending the event, as well as presenting a speaker for the Melbourne Rally.  This was yet another predictable lie from the left in order to fireup their rabid ‘anti-racist’ ferals by linking the two movements, and yesterday’s protest once again showed how reliable their ‘intelligence’ (or lack of) really is.

Who is attending the Reclaim Australia rallies?

Although the presence of Zionists and other political undesirables was inevitable, it appears the Reclaim protestors may not all necessarily be ideologically in line with their organisers. The Australia First Party, as well as other Nationalist networks organised Nationalists to attend the rallies, concentrated mostly in Brisbane, Toowoomba and Sydney. At the grass roots level, it appears the protestors came from a variety of backgrounds, with working class whites a clear majority in almost all cities.

It seems the Reclaim efforts to dissuade Nationalist regalia was not entirely successful, and in a rather ironic twist of events, the media got a snap of a presumably Anglo-Australian man who marched through the Reclaim Brisbane rally in a signature Golden Dawn black shirt. Although not a member of Golden Dawn, the timing of the photo is rather fitting. It was almost a year ago that the leftists organised a counter rally at a Golden Dawn protest in Brisbane, using their connections to a criminal faction within the CFMEU to outnumber the Nationalists over 200 to 9. It appears that the tables have now turned on the leftists, who were outnumbered in Brisbane by mostly working class Australians, allowing a Golden Dawn supporter to walk freely amongst hundreds of people within the Brisbane city centre.

At a glance, it may be difficult to imagine what your average non-nationalist, White Reclaim protestor thinks about multiculturalism outside the hot topic of Muslims. There is a good chance that as the Reclaim Australia movement grows, it will eventually have to deal with how it publically addresses some of the concerns facing working class Australians outside the Muslim issue.

How will the left react?

The Civic Nationalists up until the 4th of April, remained rather miniscule in Australian fringe politics.  Now that the Civic Nationalists present a significant challenge to the far-left, even in their traditional stronghold of Melbourne, some nationalists are predicting that the left may ignore Reclaim Australia, and go back to concentrating on Nationalists.  Although unlikely, this may present itself as a regional option for the left if Reclaim Australia continues to be active in towns, were less than a dozen of leftists are capable of counter protesting.

Others within Nationalist circles have commented on the motives of the far-left to use this as an opportunity to renew their ranks. As anyone who has ever met an ‘anarchist’ can tell, it seems the Cultural Marxist ideology that is consumed by the far left has rendered their front line activists to a bunch of homosexuals, drug using hippies, effeminate university students, and other degenerates. A fantastic example is Mr Alex Kakafikas, a spoiled rich kid who looks about as tuff as his ‘queer power’ comrades.  Could you imagine hundreds of skinny, hipster, geeks like the coward Kakafikas, expected to summon the courage to face ‘fascists’ without outnumbering them 10 to 1? It is for this reason, that the far left is pandering to the Islamists, in an attempt to recruit young Arab hoodlums into their ranks.

Judging by the lack of enthusiasm from the Muslim community to fill the ranks of ‘anti-racist’ counter-protestors, who at a glance seemed to have probably more WASPs than the Reclaim crowd, it would appear unlikely they would want to join Kakafikas and friends. It is also worth noting that although some official Aboriginal organisations backed the Anti-fa camp, just as many Aboriginals protestors where present in the Reclaim crowd, so it appears the left is strangely enough losing their monopoly on rallying racial minorities to their cause.

In an even more bizarre situation, leftists where also seen waving North Korean and Syrian flags against Reclaim Australia protestors. Perhaps someone should remind the token Arab counter-protestor that the secular Nationalist state of Syria is fighting against Islamism, and that his mate with the North Korean flag isn’t winning over any support amongst the Australian public. In fact, we’d bet he is doing quite the opposite, and the pathetic anarchists who though it was appropriate to burn the Australian flag are much the same, and should be ashamed of themselves.

At this rate, the left may fall out of favour with many proud Australians, and be forced to pressure the government into taking over the job in suppressing these rallies. With free speech not guaranteed at the constitutional level in Australia, it may be very easy for the ‘conservative’ government to use reactionary laws over the Reclaim rallies in order to silence or limit the association of real Nationalists. Similar tacticts were used during the Cronulla Riots, were Prime Minister John Howard in 2005 introduced new 'anti-riot' laws, and the authorities organised swift crack downs on known nationalists.

What to expect in the future

The general consensus among many Australian nationalists is that the movement here in Australia has not seen the same spike in popularity in recent years as in Europe. Both the Civic Nationalists (such as UKIP & National Front) and the Racial-Nationalists (Jobbik & Golden Dawn) among others have managed to significantly grow their supporter base and political power over the last 5 years. While the EU social experiment begins to implode, Nationalism is rising in Europe, and the possibility of a Nationalist government taking power over the next decade has become a real possibility.

Australia’s lag in Nationalism could be attributed to a number of factors, including a comparatively good economic climate (particularly throughout the GFC), reduction of folk culture, and the social balkanisation of various European communities. Generally speaking, Australia is often about 5 years behind the UK in a number of areas, such as economic reform, government administration, and social change. What we are now seeing in Australia is very similar to what was happening in the United Kingdom in the late 2000s with the EDL and various Civic Nationalist spin offs.

The strong turnout at the Reclaim Australia rally suggests that the climate has officially started changing in Australia, and the extreme left seems rather concerned that the tide is turning against their long held place in dominating the arena of fringe politics, often by force. The pre-occupation of the left who are now struggling to contain Reclaim Australia presents a number of opportunities for Aussie Nationalists.

The learning to be taken from here is that the Civic Nationalist street movements eventually manifest themselves into like-minded political parties that seek to capitalise on changing social values. If history repeats itself, the rise of a UKIP style 3rd party could become very real in the next 5 years, but unlike the UK, Australia should strive to see the rise of real Nationalism in answer to the collapse of multiculturalism, unlike the Zionist shills of Farage and Co

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