Thursday, 9 April 2015

Open question to Yassir Morsi and the Reclaim Australia protestors

Earlier this week, the Guardian released an article claiming that the Reclaim Australia rally was really about ‘reclaiming whiteness’.  The author, Mr Yassir Morsi, has a PhD in ‘Liberal Theory’ and was former president of Victoria’s Muslim Student Association. In his article, Morsi opens with the following:

‘There are no Islamic courts, no practice of its jurisprudence, no laws from the Quran, and yet on Saturday we saw Reclaim Australia rally violently, their placards demanding the country say “No to Sharia!”

As Social-Nationalists, Mr Morsi might find it strange that we actually can’t help but agree with some of the points he raises in this article. The idea that Arabs, who are averaging IQ scores in the low 80s, and make up less than 2% of our population are going to somehow take over the country and implement Sharia law is nothing more than a Kosher Neo-Conservative fantasy. The one-policy Islamaphobia parties rising in Westerns Europe are outright controlled opposition, serving the interests of Zionists while funnelling genuine frustration from patriots to the rabid pro-Israeli lobbies and their foreign policy of overly zealous nation building.

The problem with Islam in Australia is just as racial as it is religious – a Lebanese Muslim is far more likely to discharge a firearm over drug related violence than he is for Allah. Regardless of how religious Lebanese or Turkish Muslims may be, they are statistically still more likely to be arrested for violent crimes or unemployed than Greek or Italian Australians. Arabs in Australia will continue to be a marginalised, anti-social community riddled with crime and unemployment well after they adopt the ‘modern’ decadent secular lifestyle of the West. Just look at France to see the great cultural enrichment 3rd and 4th generation Arabs are contributing to French society.

Although the number of Australians murdered by Middle Eastern thugs greatly outweighs those killed on Australian soil in Muslim terrorist attacks, the threat of Islamic extremism in the West can never be eliminated while Muslims still occupy our countries. Even in Greece we have reported on Jihadists who have migrated to the slums of Athens, and the mindless drone who fulfilled the orders of the Islamic State here on Australian soil. The demographic time bomb, that is- the growing population of Muslims in the West, presents a danger to Westerners both in terms of social cost (crime and unemployment) as well as terrorism. Neither of these undesirable consequences of Muslims immigration offer a plausible explanation as to why these people belong in our nations, particularly when European migrants in Australia offer statistically lower social/economic burdens and greater potential to be a valued community in Australian society.

Referring back to the article, Morsi states that;

Seeing barricades, lines of mounted officers, rivals groups brawling over the truth of the “Islamification” of Australia, is a little overblown when we consider that Muslims, as 2% of the population, possess little by way of political power, have no significant representation, and own no capacity to impose their will’.

Another good point by Morsi, however, is this statement true of all minorities in Australia? Do other communities who compromise less than 2% of our population hold significant political power and representation in order to impose their will on Australia? We would like to ask Mr Morsi if he believes this statement proves true for the Jewish community of Australia, even when they make up not 2% our population, but 0.3%.

To help Mr Morsi with his research, we would like to present a series of facts that he may or may not know about the Australian Jewish community-

Firstly, the disproportionate number of wealthy Jews isn’t just a stereotype, it’s a cold heart fact. The Sydney Morning Herald published an article with the top 5 richest families in Australia, revealing that 4 out of 5 of them are Jewish.  The latest 2014 report from the Business Review Weekly lists the top 10 richest Australians, 6 of which are Jews. Now how does 0.03% of the population manage to weasel their way to the top and claim a majority of Australia’s wealthiest?

Next, is the enormous influence of the Jewish ‘social justice’ movement. The dismantling of the historical White Australia Policy, which protected Australia’s racial integrity, was also undermined by Jewish interests- to which they proudly boast. Melbourne’s Jewish community saw the White Australia policy as a threat, to which they actively campaigned against in order to make way for their ‘multicultural’ project. One of the key contributors was a Jew by the name of Walter Lippman, Chairman of Community Relations, who succeeded in replacing the White Australia policy with Multiculturalism.

The next phase was to not only scrap the White Australia policy, but to begin flooding our cities with 3rd world immigrants. The stooge to make it happen was another leader of Jewish ancestry, former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser (son of Jewess, Una Wolf).  Despite warnings from his advisors who travelled to the Middle East and reported that the Lebanese lacked in personal hygiene, basic literacy skills, and had questionable character, Fraser still made the decision to let tens of thousands of Lebanese refugees into Australia.

So Mr Morsi, how does it feel knowing that the very reason you are here is because of a Jewish plan to flood White Australia with 3rd world refugees? Also, how does it feel knowing that Jews not only are wealthy, and have extended social influence in Australia, but also dominate our foreign policy through their pro-Israeli lobbies? Surely as a Muslim, you can see that this mindless devotion to Zionism does not serve the interests of Australia.

Jews also have special privileges when it comes to law, making holocaust education mandatory for schools, with our current government previously flirting with the idea of removing the section 18C racial vilification laws, while still maintaining special anti-holocaust denial laws, just for Jews. Although the changes to the law never went ahead, Jew’s still have our current PM firmly in their pocket.

Our question to Mr Morsi is this- if we can agree that Muslims make up 2% of the population and don’t have the capacity to impose their will on Australia, do you feel that Jews, who make up only 0.3% of our population, have a disproportionate amount of wealth, influence, and political power to fundamentally change Australia?

Our question to the protestors who joined Reclaim Australia is this – can you see how Jews are not only responsible for bringing Muslims to Australia, but also cooperate with them to undermine your nation?  The Zionists who control your foreign policy have not only created unnecessary wars in the Middle East, but in the process turned Australian civilians and soldiers into targets of extremists. Regardless of how many Israeli flags you wave, or how much you claim to be against anti-Semitism, the Jews will still side against you, and promote multiculturalism in your Australia while condemning it in their Israel.

In conclusion, it may only be a matter of time until many patriots begin to realise the role of Australian Jewry and their endless assault on White Australia. Nationalists on the ground in Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide made good use of flyers, hundreds of which were snapped up eagerly in each city by very keen protestors. Social Nationalists will continue to release information such as this article online, in print, and via social media, and will work towards exposing the lies and crimes of the Zionist sociopaths who have ruled this country with an iron fist for the last 40 years.


  1. very good article GDA, with relatively few words you made a full and accurate analysis of what is going on in the western world for the last forty or so years.

    Recently I have read an article about the current situation in the Island of Kos, about the Mayor of Kos complaining that illegal immigrants who flooded the island recently destroy their boats themselves, and then reach the next police station using expensive cellphones with sophisticated gps receivers! some of them have enough money to order pizzas from delivery. You can check on

    All in all I was very happy about the Reclaim Australia Action, it is good for a start but surely it must continue with more zeal. And above all, the Australian Folk has to be informed about the roll of their ZOG in all this.

  2. Hi thanks for the comment, appreciate the feedback.

    You are right about Kos, the Marxist Immigration Minister has started renovating hotels to accomidate them (article just recently posted). Meanwhile Greek children starve to the point of passing out in schools.