Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Moscow Times confirms the statements of Golden Dawn: Tsipras left Moscow with empty hands

Shortly before Tsirpa’s trip to Moscow, Golden Dawn announced that this was nothing more than a publicity stunt, and that nothing of substance would come from the meeting with Putin. Putting aside the controlled media who purposely exaggerated the talks, the Russian based Moscow Times newspaper confirms our revelations regarding the show pony Tsipras.

‘Alexis Tspiras leaves Moscow with empty hands’, quotes the Moscow Times, further stating that ‘the only achievements of the Greek Prime Minister was some vague promises about the Russo-Turkish natural gas pipeline and the participation of Russian companies in the Greek state agencies of privatization’.

No new relationship was built with Russia, despite the sell-out media trying desperately to paint Tsipras as the brave new Napoleon of the EU.  The Golden Dawn publically announced that Tsipra’s visit to Moscow was purely an attempt to create an illusion to the Greek people, in order to assure them that Greece operates beyond the commands of the European Union, but only the opposite is true. Proof of this is that Syriza government officials assured the EU and their ‘partners’, including the US, that Greece is not seeking a solution to its economic problems through Russia, but remains firmly subservient to the debt bondage of the EU and IMF.

At no point did the Syriza government discuss with the Russians any possibility of building new strategic relations with Moscow, and absolutely no mention was made ​​of agreement for the use of Greek oil, our agricultural products or even to cover the existing funding gap. Alexis Tsipras, following exactly in the footsteps of his predecessors, was reduced to meaningless statements about ‘national sovereignty’ and ‘the strong geopolitical position of Greece’, the appropriateness of which is none other than cheating the Greeks who voted for Syriza, hoping in vain that they would commit to their promise in ending the memorandum.

Golden Dawn’s official platform is to forge entirely new relations with Russia, and aligning our economic, military and political interests from Washington to Moscow. A strategic shift to our historical ally of Russia is of crucial importance in rebuilding not only our economy, but our national sovereignty.

Putin is nobodies fool, and it is plainly obvious that all this fake political rhetoric and illusionary alliances paraded by Syriza as ‘foreign policy’ will ruin their credibility in the near future. This leaves only the Golden Dawn to pick up where Syriza left off, as Tsipras loses yet another piece on the geo-political chess board.

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