Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Message of support to the Golden Dawn from Italian MEP in the view of the opening proceedings

In a great show of solidarity with the Golden Dawn, Italian Lega Nord MEP Mario Borghezio sends us a message condemning the political persecution against the Nationalists of Greece. Borghezio’s party has many times expressed its condemnation of the state political persecution against Golden Dawn, with Borghezio taking particular credit in denouncing the cabal against our grass roots movement.

A basic translation of Borghezio’s speech can be found below:

"I'm Mario Borghezio, a member of the European Parliament representing the Lega Nord.  I have stressed many times in meetings and committees of the European Parliament, the political nature of the prosecution of MPs, but also ordinary members of the political movement "Golden Dawn" in Greece, which has manifested itself into numerous human rights violations against the party.

It is scandalous that an EU country, that theoretically protects the human rights of all people, to have done something so serious against the freedom of politics. What is actually happening now with the political and judicial persecution is the imprisonment of Golden Dawn members for many months, based upon ridiculous accusations.

It is inexplicable why the European institutions do not impose penalties on the Greek Government, in this anti-democratic regime, which removes the political freedom of its members. I will not stop to in my part against the European institutions for this serious blunder against freedom.

As we have been taught by Pericles: "freedom is courage", and we must have the courage, which Europe has now, in order to highlight human rights violations, even when they relate to movements in which the EU does not agree with their ideas. These are not grounds for prosecuting members of a movement.

So long live freedom and repeat the words of Pericles - freedom is courage! Therefore ... Courage is Golden Dawn!"

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  1. Mario Borghezio say the truth!