Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Luke Simpkins - Zionist friend of Skopje

Australian Liberal party MP Luke Simpkins once again continues the great push to recognise Tito’s communist experiment in the Balkans. In the video below, the Stooge of Skopje calls for the recognition of the ‘Republic of Macedonia’ in Australian parliament.

As you could tell from the clip, Luke Simpkins is just another stale dolt, occupying the almost empty space that represents the Australian Parliament. This soulless man is so poor in charisma and personality that he is only capable of reading mindless drivel off a piece of paper, never once lifting his head or making eye contact with a single person during his 4:51 minute propaganda spill.

Who is this mumbling clown?

Luke Simpkins is your typical Jew-loving Zionist puppet, who travelled to Israel in 2012, sponsored by the Australian Israeli Jewish Affairs Council ‘rambam’ program. Directly from the AIJAC website, the following quote is about the Zionphile, Mr Simpkins himself:

‘Western Australian federal MP Luke Simpkins and South Australian Senator David Fawcett were in Melbourne earlier this month reporting on their recent visit to Israel on the same Rambam program.

Simpkins, who described himself as a strong supporter of Israel, said that the trip was an intensive learning experience for him.

He said that he had been applying information he had learned during the course of the trip in several parliamentary discussions, including those involving Iran.

Simpkins said that he identified with Israelis he met on the visit, and singled out a meeting with Arnold Roth, father of Australian-born terror victim Malki, for special mention.

In all, his trip was "deeply moving", Simpkins said, and it strengthened his bonds with the Jewish state’.

This fool is not only a useful idiot of International Jewry, but continues to peddle their ridiculous propaganda in order to rally Australians into fighting Israel’s wars in the Middle East.

A perfect example was the massive blunder in which this clown thought he was seeing radical Islamic Shahada symbols on the streets of Perth. Mr Simpleton then made a big scene on Twitter to all his followers, in which he announced the making of some rather important phone calls to the Transport Minister, in order to have the symbols removed. It was then revealed that the supposed extremist Islamic terrorist symbols were in fact nothing more than a logo for a local nightclub!  Mind you, this is also the same wise man who is also seeking to challenge the current Zionist Shill as leader of this nation.  Can you imagine that? Besides rabidly following Bibi’s orders to invade Iran, we can only guess what other wild Zionist plans this lunatic has in store for Australia.

If Simpkins shakes hands with the Jews, what does he have to gain from supporting Bulgarian impersonators?

Simpkins mindless devotion to the people of Skopje comes down simply to his electorate which currently has three times as many Skopjians than Hellenes.  In order to continue supporting International Jewry, Simpkins panders towards Bulgarians who parade themselves as ‘Macedonians’ so that he can remain an elected member of Parliament.

It’s hard to tell if Simpkins is truly ignorant of history and genuinely believes that the bastardised Slavs, Turks, Gypsies and Albanians currently occupying Skopje are actually descendants of the Ancient Hellenic Kingdom of Macedonia, or if this is purely a show to win over votes. To understand Simpkin's hypocrisy on the name issue, we have to look closer into the claims he has made. The following is from Simpkins speech in parliament regarding the Greek community’s position on our Macedonia-

‘it is tragic that literally a hand full of Nationalists can exert such power as to control the foreign policy of this nation’

Hilarious. While the Greek Australian community is passionate about our history and most certainly will vote down any traitor to the spirit of our Ancient heritage, we do not exert any disproportionate influence in Australian foreign policy. On the other hand, Mr Simpkin’s good Jewish friends exert a great deal of influence on Australia’s foreign policy, particularly towards shaping Australia’s overly generous support for the terrorist state of Israel.

The stance of Golden Dawn

Golden Dawn is the only political party in Greece that has never compromised its position and official policy on the Macedonia issue. We have said time and time again that Macedonia was and ALWAYS will be Greek. No compromise!

Golden Dawn Australia’s open question to Mr Simpkins is this- if you are so passionate about recognising ‘oppressed’ states, why don’t you show the same enthusiasm for recognising Palestine as you do for Skopje? Could it be because you are a member of the pro-Israeli, Zionist think tank of the ‘Human Security Centre’? Biased much?

You Mr Simpkins, are not in a position to lecture the Greeks on recognising foreign states when the Israel you so proudly love & support is directly responsible for the destruction of Palestine, an occupied state the Australian government still refuses to recognise under the pressure of the Jewish lobby. Shame on you for selling out to the Zionists, and shame on you for selling out thousands of years of Hellenism, a civilisation which inspired the very same Australian political arena that you insult by being a part of. 

XA Australia

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  1. Bloody idiot!!! Macedonia is Greek and FYROM is Bulgaria!!! FYROMian passports are Bulgarian passports and the FYROMian and Bulgarian alphabets are the same but Tito removed 5 letters and replaced them.