Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Illegal immigrants turn the streets of Athens into a sectarian battle ground

Rampant crime has now gone out control in the centre of Athens, as sectarian violence amongst Greece’s illegal immigrants reaches new heights. The police have reported that daily clashes between savages have included the use of screwdrivers and knives, in an attempt for rival groups to control the slums of the region.

The latest bloody attacked took place in the Athenian suburb of Agios Panteliminos, and was aimed at 2 adult men (aged 28 & 47) from Syria. The incident happened yesterday afternoon, when several illegals began attacking the 2 Syrian men with steel pipes and knives.

The first Syrian sustained injuries to the head, while the other to various parts of his body. The victims of the attack were taken to a hospital, so that Greek tax payers call help subsidize the Middle Eastern warfare organised by illegal immigrants. According to the preliminary information as reported by the police, the perpetrators were Iraqis, and the attack was fuelled by religious differences and conflict between the two groups.

It was only 2 days earlier than a furious brawl broke out between Afghans and Pakistanis in a nearby area of Athens. That particular incident again involved knife attacks, which seem to be happening on almost daily basis in Greece amongst illegal immigrants. The police in Athens are not attempting to control the area, with much disruption to public life.

Now that Greece serves as the European Union’s dumping ground for refugees, we can look forward to more street battles between the various 3rd world tribes which have now colonised Europe. As Syriza continues to open the flood gates to these savages, and prepares to close down more detention camps, the social and economic burden of refugees to the Greek people becomes more and more obvious every day.

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