Tuesday, 21 April 2015

European Commission: 6,000 jihadists have left Europe for Syria

The Le Figaro newspaper released an interview recently with the European Commissioner for Justice, Vera Giourova, who went into detail about Europe’s home grown jihadists. Giourova said that "at the European level, we estimate that approximately 5000-6000 people have moved to Syria, including 1,450 from France”. Though Giourova tip toes around the reason these ‘Europeans’ have gone to Syria, we know for certain it is to join ISIS, in order to support the so called ‘Syrian freedom fighters’ (read: cannibals and serial killers) in their war against the Syrian Nationalist president Bashir Assad.

We have made numerous statements about the unity and common geo-political interests among the US, Zionists, Wahabists, Turks and the Jihadists. We recall here a statement of the American General, Wesley Clark, that ‘friends and our allies’ were funding the ISIS terrorists to combat Hezbollah. It is quite clear that this horror created by the ‘friends’ of the US (Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar) in order to serve their interests in the region, attracting thousands of jihadists from around the globe, even as far as China.

It appears that the Jihadists of the Islamic State have seemingly outgrown their masters, and are now partially off the leash. A consequence so far has been the Islamic State’s attacks on Kurdish areas in Northern Iraq, where Americans, Turks, Britons and Jews have invested billions of dollars to exploit the oil reserves in that area. This may help explain why the US made a decision to launch air strikes against the Islamic State, causing just enough damage to remove them from Northern Iraq, rather than to liquidate them entirely.

Going back to Giourova’s statement, it is important to ask who exactly are these 6,000 who went to fight in Syria.  We are only told they are from Europe, with many international MSM puppets referring them to as ‘British’ or ‘French’. Although it’s painful to sometimes spell out the obvious, it must be said that the huge majority of these jihadists are not indigenous ‘Europeans’ by any stretch of the imagination. These are the so called ‘integrated minorities’ of Europe’s former colonies in North Africa and the Middle East, who were brought to Europe in order to serve as cheap labour to the capitalist elite, ironically at times under the pretext of Marxist egalitarianism.

Somewhere between being unemployed, or committing violent crimes, these often 2nd or 3rd generation Muslims have now decided to pursue their crimes as terrorists in the Middle East, in order to serve their Mossad masters in dismantling the anti-NWO coalition within Syria. Let’s not forget those that decided to stay in Europe to commit their terrorist attacks, furthering more reason to justify the strengthening of the Zionist police state.

This terrorist phenomenon is becoming ever so closely linked to illegal immigration, as we have seen among the jihadists of Greece, who for a period of time even called the slums of Athens home. The illegal aliens occupying Greece and Europe pose a significant security risk, and should be repatriated to their countries of origin immediately. 

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