Tuesday, 10 March 2015

The great lie of democracy: Why the political rivalry between 'Socialists' & 'Conservatives' is an illusion

We at Golden Dawn have said time and time again that the parties you see in the  Greek political arena are nothing more than a show for the masses. Their supposed political differences are a mere illusion, designed by the same criminal thieves who pretend to be ideological opponents while scratching each others back for illegitimate ‘favours’ at the expense of the Greek people.  From the hard core Marxists on the left, to the staunch conservatives of right, the so called political ‘rivals’ are happy unite for a common cause, be it the rape of Greece to serve their own agenda, or profiteering through corruption of the highest level.

A great uproar erupted earlier this week when former New Democracy Finance Minister, Gikas Hardouvelis, was found to of pumped money aboard while serving as advisor to the Prime Minister. Under Greek law, a finance minister is obligated to submit all their financial earnings while serving office.  The purpose of this law is to provide a check & balance, as a high ranking finance official would be privy to commercially sensitive information, which could be illegitimately used for their own profit. The measure also helps keep check of any obvious signs of corruption.

The revelations came about in a list that was published by newspaper ‘Parapolitika’, but similar to the Largarde list, certain names where censored to protect the interests of any corrupt businessman who had ties to the publisher. A prime example is the current case of the Finance Minister prior to Hardouvelis, who is being investigated for purposely removing the names of his family members who had been hiding millions of dollars in overseas bank accounts.  In any event, we are more than happy to share the original unedited list here.

Mr Hardouvelis responded to the allegations by saying the money had technically ‘migrated’ just before he became Minister. He also added the typical economic liberal slogan of ‘what is legal is therefore moral’ to justify any technicality that may save him from any legal repercussions.

Although the media is having a short lived and very low key reporting on the case, none of the establishment parties in the Greek parliament are calling for the lifting of Hardouveli’s immunity.  From the hard core Marxists on the left, to the staunch conservatives of right, no action is being taken to ensure there has been no foul play in the finances of this overly wealthy capitalist tool of the establishment.

Golden Dawn is the only political party that has called for the complete investigation of all Greek MPs finances, regardless of their political affiliations. To date, Golden Dawn is the only party to of undergone such an investigation, and has come out 100% clean. Now it is time for corrupt establishment to go through the same, so that the Greek people can see firsthand how the ‘left’ and ‘right’ have covered each other in endless scandals, in order to fill their pockets while over 1 million Greeks live in poverty.

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