Monday, 2 March 2015

Syriza’s policy for a better Greece: Release the invading hordes onto our streets

The coalition government is fulfilling Syriza’s promise to release large numbers of illegal immigrants into Greece, and has already proudly done so with hundreds of illegals in just a few short weeks. This is despite the fact the current regimes includes the so called ‘far right’ Independent Greeks, a political party that pretends to have an anti-immigrant ideology.

According to the data provided yesterday, Migration Policy Minister Tasia Christodoulopoulou already has released 315 illegals. These include 110 from Amygdaleza, 128 from Corinth, 41 from Drama, 15 from Xanthi, 17 from Fylakio and 4 from the centre administration, including another 15 women who will be released later today. Christodoulopoulou has said this process will ‘continue until all detention centres are closed down’, and given the thousands of illegal that are currently detained, we can expect an absolute floor of illegals onto the streets of Greece in 2015.

Syriza’s new Migration Policy Minister also has plans to pass a bill that will extend citizenship to non-Greeks who were born in Greece, with Christodoulopoulou stating that it’s our country’s ‘great obligation’.  Perhaps Christodoulopoulou should reconsider her statement, as our ‘great obligation’ is to the Greek people, who are defined by our constitution in very clear racial terms. Providing citizenship to these people is unconstitutional, and has been rejected by the Council of the Greek state in the recent past.  Our forefathers did not fight to free Greece from Ottoman imperialists to simply hand our homeland away to whoever decides to illegally invade our nation.

Such a move would be an absolute catastrophe, and completely goes go against the spirit on which the ethnic state of modern Greece was founded. The huge majority of Greeks have no desire in being flooded with illegal immigrants, and given the current state of Greece, it objectively makes no sense what so ever to open up the detention camps on such an already impoverished nation.

If we hypothetically pretend that you average Greek is excited and thrilled about being swamped by thousands of African & Middle Eastern undocumented aliens, it would still make no logical sense given the plight of modern Greece. Greece has neither the economy nor the infrastructure to absorb the thousands of illegal immigrants. Islamic Fundamentalism is sweeping the Middle East & Europe like a hurricane, and if you value the public safety of your own people, why would any government be foolish enough to open the gates to these invaders? With youth unemployment over 50%, how does it make good economic sense to introduce thousands of illegals, who have no prospect of ever finding suitable employment into a country that lacks even the basic social services for its own citizens?

Greece has some of the lowest fertility rates in Europe, and without the means to replace our existing population, we risk being entirely disposed of by Afro-Asiatics who view Greece not as a home, but as a mere ‘stop over’ on their journey to the more lucrative welfare markets of Western Europe. If we pretend for a moment that these illegal do indeed love Greece and want to call our nation home, how can anyone reasonably expect Pakistanis and Somalis to continue the legacy of Hellenism in a future Greece? It is the Greeks that make Greece-Greece, regardless of what your average Marxist professor may insist.

The Migration Policy Minister has no respect for history, and completely ignores the failure of the Western European social experiment known as "multiculturalism". With recent British, French & German heads of state (David Cameron, Sarkozy and Merkel) all publicly declaring multiculturalism to be a failure, what makes Syriza think they can do better? They’ve already failed in their bid to negotiate a better deal on Greece’s loan agreement, and their latest social experiment of disarming the riot policy has been absolutely laughable.

Despite the cheap anti-immigrant rhetoric of New Democracy, Independent Greeks, and LAOS, Golden Dawn is the only party that not only has a consistent ideology, but a historical obligation to keep Greece-Greek. Unlike Syriza who may threaten to send thousands of illegals into Western Europe, Golden Dawn will deport these people back to their countries of origin, in both the interests of Greece and Europe as a whole.

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