Thursday, 12 March 2015

Syriza rushes to prepare Mosques for illegal immigrants

"Hope is coming" was the election slogan of Tsipras, but hope to whom? It appears Syriza’s next move to release all the illegal immigrants will bring ‘hope’ not to the people of Greece, but to the hordes of invaders who are pillaging Europe in hopes of finding a Marxist welfare state to accommodate all their materialistic desires.

In a recent press release, Syriza MPs are bending backwards to demands from Ankara Muslims to reopen Tzisdaraki Museum as a mosque. The Museum is located in the historic Monastiraki square, a region of Athens. Ankara's objective is to consolidate Muslims immigrants residing in Greece with the belief that Turkey is protecting their interests, in return for cooperation when they Turkey next undermines Greece.

The project, under the control of Syriza, is likely to be a success for the Islamists judging by the current governments liberal attitude to illegal immigration. Syriza is not only prepared to open the gates to these illegals, but also to help accommodate them by providing them places of worship.

Just as the Conservatives of New Democracy have decided to create a Mosque for the invaders in Votanikos, the Marxists are going to rival them by turning a historical museum into a place of Muslim worship. In a bid to prove who loves Muslims the most, all ruling parties of the Greek political arena, including the so called ‘far right’ Independent Greeks are rushing to build Mosques in Athens with absolutely no regard for the indigenous Christian Greeks.

While the construction of the Mosque in Votanikos is being delayed, Syriza is pushing harder than ever to open Tzisdaraki to Muslims. To date, no meaningful dialogue has been organised by Syriza to take into consideration the interests of the Greek community. We would like to know if Syriza values democracy as much as they claim, then why haven’t held a referendum in Athens to see what the Greek people have to say about the plans to build a Mosque? It seems that like most ‘democratic’ parties, they only offer voting opportunities when its suits their agenda.

As Greece falls further into Economic ruin, corporations are in a desperate attempt to retain profits during financial uncertainty. A huge black market has opened for illegal workers, who will work well under award conditions. The political parties of Greece are more than happy to scratch the back of big businesses which desire to take advantage the 21st century equivalent of slave labour. This is all done under the guise of ‘equality’ and ‘freedom for religion’, but is nothing more than a globalist plot to import cheap labour into the developed world.

It is important for our non-Greek readers to understand that the modern state of Greece is intertwined with our church. Greek Orthodoxy is our official national religion, and the only religion that is entitled to receive any support from the Greek state. Golden Dawn opposes any plans for a Mosque in Athens, and demands the interests of the native Greeks to come first and foremost in Greece.

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