Monday, 30 March 2015

Nationalists discuss strategic shift to Russia at St Petersburg forum

Golden Dawn MPs, General George Epitideios and Eleftherios Synadinos represented Golden Dawn at an international Nationalist forum held in St Petersburg on the 22nd of March.

The forum was organised by the Russian Nationalist movement Rodina (‘Motherland’), which is a close ally of Putin’s United Russia party. The purpose of the forum was to design a coalescence of nationalist forces in Europe, opposed the liberal policies of the European Union & United States of America.

Among the attendees where  Russian Senator Igor Morozov, the German MEP Udo Voigt, the French MEP Olivier Wyssa, Mikhail Remizov from the Russian Institute of international strategy, the President of the Thinktank EuroRus Kris Roman, President of the Texas Nationalist Movement Nathan Smith, the Foreign Minister of the people's Republic of Donetsk Alexander Kofman and executives of the Alliance for Peace and Freedom

As part of the agenda, Greek Nationalist representatives discussed the political persecution of Golden Dawn as well as the economic crisis in Greece. The Greek MEPs also shared the geostrategic goals of the Golden Dawn, to align Greece with Russia.

It is worth noting that the Court was honoured by the presence of officers of the Russian armed forces, the Vice-prefect of St. Petersburg, dozens of Russian academics, politicians, representatives of nationalist movements and a multitude of reporters from the international media.

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