Monday, 16 March 2015

Greek Oligarchs send hundreds of billions to Swiss Bank accounts

German newspaper Die Welt released an article this week on what many Greeks have known for years. This ‘un-news’ is the plain fact that the Greek political and capitalist elite have been funnelling billions to Swiss bank accounts.

Totalling over 800 billion euros, Greek oligarchs have not only avoided taxes which unfairly burden the working and middle class, but have been earning interest that has again gone untaxed.

The Swiss government sent an invitation to the Samaras-Venizelos regime over a year ago, which they flat out ignored and refused to act upon. Now the Swiss Secretariat for International Financial Matters is hopelessly waiting for Syriza to respond to the request, which after months in power has also refused act. Both the ‘conservative right’ and the ‘marxist left’ of Greece are merely criminal parties that exist to conceal the crimes of their friends, all at the expense of the common Greek people.

In this context, is important to remind our readers that the previous Commission responsible for the Lagarde list was hindered by Syriza who tried fervently to limit searches only to Papaconstantinou, leaving intact Giorgakis and Venizelos. Despite being their supposed ‘political rivals’, the Marxists are happy to scratch the back of their fellow corrupt politicians, regardless of which fake ideological affiliation they claim to hold.

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