Monday, 16 March 2015

Greece's true bargaining chip

More fear-mongering has begun circulating among the European Marxist politocrats regarding the obvious failure of Syriza to hold its election promises.

Starting with Pierre Moscovici, the European Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs, who stated in an interview with Der Spiegel that any Eurozone exit from Greece would spell the end of the single currency

"Ultimately, all of us in Europe will probably agree that a Grexit would be a disaster — for the Greek economy, but also for the eurozone as a whole. If a country abandons this monetary Union, the markets will immediately wonder which country will be next and what may prove to be the beginning of the end."

It appears that Greece holds in her hands the very survival of the Eurozone, yet the ‘anti-memorandum’ Marxists of Syriza appear hopelessly unable to leverage any freedom from the almighty international usurers. The truth is that Syriza from the beginning was shaking hands with the loan sharks, and is simply unwilling to abandon austerity, despite their cheap lies and fake socialist rhetoric.

Next, we have Pierre Laurent, President of the party of the European left and Secretary of the French Communist Party, who met recently with Tsipras. The meeting took place in Brussels, where Tsipras was working on the fine details of the new memorandum, which is ultimately identical to the previous memorandum, regardless of what new names this political crook can come up with. In his talks with Laurent, Tsipras again began to use the rise of Nationalism as a bargaining chip in his bid to save face during his talks with the usurers. Tsipras states:

"Europe's leaders will have to decide if they will respect democracy, or whether they will take the risk of the rise of right-wing and populist parties in Europe. The example of France is very important."

With the very real power to topple the Euro at his hands, Tsipras instead tries to invoke the typical leftist propaganda about the ‘right wing bogey man’ if he doesn’t get his way.  Golden Dawn has become a bargaining tool, which can only work in the favour of the Greek people, unlike Syriza, which has only proven to sell out on all its promises and be nothing more than a corrupt establishment party that leaches on the back of the Greek people.

The inevitable failure of Syriza will not only mean the rise of Golden Dawn, but will lead to a chain reaction that will bring about the rise of a new Nationalist Europe.

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