Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Golden Dawn America Podcast- SYRIZA: Capital’s Last Line Of Defense


Corruption in the Greek elections- Parties conspire together to undermine the votes for Golden Dawn, including the deployment of Anarchist militias at polling station to intimidate voters.

SYRIZA’S ‘Chutzpah’-
The radical Left rescind’s every one of its economic promises just 1 month after being elected. That hasn’t stopped them from pretending otherwise: they took a little pink eraser to “Troika” and penciled in “The Institutional partners”. They’re hoping Greeks are too stupid to notice, but the walls are closing in on them.

SYRIZA Lays Out Red Carpet For Wall Street! –
“Radical” Varoufakis to appoint the New York Jewish banking house Lazard as “consultants” to restructure the public debt. Lazard helped crucify Greeks in 2012, where bonds were devalued by 70%, which almost exclusively hit pensioners and the life savings of working people. New York Jewish banks shorted the bonds and made a killing from this!

Ideology vs Reaction-
George and Ed talk about the importance of having a worldview and ideology, and avoiding the pitfalls of reactionary politics.

The Economic Meltdown Explained - An in depth discussion on why the Greek economic collapse was not because of any mythical retirements at age 45, but instead thanks to the collaboration of finance capital with Wall Street installed cronies in the government.

Democrats Lift Parliamentary Immunity For Golden Dawn, but Keep it For Themselves! - All of the political parties voted to lift Golden Dawn’s political immunity, but our response is to lift theirs too. Discussion on the billions of dollars thieves in the establishment are able to take with impunity, and how Golden Dawn seeks to solve this problem with an audit that the system fears more than anything.

Forced Occupation Loan - George and Ed clarify what exactly the Forced occupation Loan is, and why it differs (legitimacy wise) from WWII reparations certain groups shake Germans down for.

Rats Abandon Ship! –
Noam Chomsky predicts the rise of Golden Dawn in light of SYRIZA’s failure, while influential Leftists start apologizing to the public for contributing to the SYRIZA lie!

Independent Greeks: A Lesson About Kosher Conservatism –
George and Ed speak about Panos Kammenos and the Independent Greeks- the Coalition partner of SYRIZA. Warning: controlled opposition-whether in Greece or in the other countries whose parties follow the Kammenos “eurosceptic template- will give you nothing but a knife in the back.

Golden Dawn leadership to be released…likely without trial!-
The illegal detention of Golden Dawn leadership is now close to hitting its 18 month mark, and the system is afraid to actually make a decision whether to try them or not. Every day that passes exposes the fact that the crackdown was purely political motivated, and still failed!

Immigration- Why Northern Europe’s ridiculous asylum seeker policies are enticing Africans and Asians to flood Mediterranean countries, and how capitalists in Germany and other nations use Dublin II to their advantage.

SYRIZA: Lied about the memorandum, but will keep its social program - SYRIZA lied about the only issue people voted them to confront, but have stated that they will create pathways to citizenship to illegal invaders which the vast majority of Greeks don’t want.

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