Monday, 2 March 2015

Glezos to the Coalition: 'You will bring on the power of Golden Dawn before even realising it!'

We reported late last month on Glezo’s apology to the Greek people, as he regrettably participated in Syriza’s anti-memorandum lies during the recent election. These lies have evolved into full compliance with the requirements of international loan sharks, and in some cases, on conditions worse than what was already agreed by known sell-out and traitor Samaras.

Glezos stated in his letter that the people elected Syriza for the immediate termination of the memorandum, along with the terrible austerity it has brought upon the Greek people. Although Glezos is our ideological opponent, we cannot help but agree with his statement regarding the termination of the austerity, as we are the only true anti-memorandum party in Greece. With Syriza having the benefit of the mass media on their side, they were able to project their lies about terminating the memorandum to the Greek people, who were seeking a party bold enough to stand up the international usurers. Unfortunately for the Greeks, Syriza was not what they claimed to be, and like most Marxist parties, it has so far proven to be nothing more than another arm of the capitalist slave machine, signing Greece up for more endless debt which it can never pay off

Speaking to an Italian newspaper, Glezos was fairly straight forward in what led him to make such harsh statements against Syriza’s compliance to the memorandum. In response to the Italian journalist regarding a possible Greek exit from the Eurozone, Glezos said ‘the risk of an exit will explode if the government proves incapable of keeping to its word. And if they do not keep their word, they will bring on the power of the Golden Dawn before even realizing it!"

It is important for our readers to understand that this statement by Glezos is nothing new. The same line has already been said by several economists and politicians shortly before and after the recent 2015 national elections. These statements have value, but this particular case is special, as it is being said publically by the man who is considered one of the central figure heads of the Syriza party, a party which he feels has now lied and failed the Greek people.

These latest events suggest Glezos is nothing but a ‘useful idiot’ of the contemporary political scene, a man who was the most voted MEP of Greece in 2014 elections, and brought Syriza a reasonable amount of support given his cult following amongst leftist voters. Syriza, in response to Glezo’s criticism, suggested the old man was most probably not of the full understanding regarding the circumstances around the bailout negotiations. This may suggest that Glezos was not exactly clued in on Syriza’s plot to betray the Greek people & sell-out to the usurers, a plot which stretches well before the elections when Tsipras was wheeling and dealing with international bankers.

Now that Syriza and the Independent Greeks join New Democracy, PASOK & the River as pro- memorandum parties, it ultimately leaves the future of Greece to the Nationalists: Golden Dawn against all!

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