Thursday, 19 March 2015

Anrachists riot while demanding the release of violent terrorists killers

More mindless destruction rocks the city of Athens in what appears to be another violent episode of anarchist ‘demonstrations’. Hundreds of hooded and masked leftists rampaged through the city in what they describe as ‘anti-prison protests’, but in reality, this is nothing more than a barbaric riot from spoiled rich kids with too much time on their hands.

Earlier this month, up to 50 anarchists occupied Syriza headquarters demanding the government shut down a maximum security prison in order to release Greece’s most savage terrorist killers. The latest round of protests where a follow up in order to once again demand the insane wish to release violent criminals currently serving life sentences in gaol.

The protests where marked with the typical savagery seen during most anarchist riots, and included setting cars & filled dumpsters on fire, while throwing stones at the riot police and attacking a bus. We would like to refer our readers to the countless numbers of Golden Dawn protests that have taken place over 20 years, and never has there been a destructive outbreak leading to senseless attacks of public property.

The violent and psychotic left operates outside the law, and is enabled by their rich bureaucrat parents who work the corrupt system from the inside. Golden Dawn has undergone the greatest political persecution Greece has ever seen, and even after the gutless murder of our 2 comrades, Nationalists still maintain a sense of orderly duty and control unseen by the hypocritical left.

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