Friday, 13 February 2015

The future of Eurasia - Turkish aggresion against Russian/Chinese interests in Centra Asia

Islamic terrorism still continues to dominate headlines of the global mainstream media, which the Zionists use to confuse and manipulate the masses. After the murderous attacks in Paris, terrorist organisation Boko Haram attacked villages in Nigeria resulting in the massacre of hundreds of Nigerian civilians. At the same time, the war in Syria & Iraq between government forces and Islamic extremists continues, with Israel & the US preferring to support the camp of the same Islamic fundamentalists they claim to be fighting. The Zionist media recently shed crocodile tears for the Jordanian pilot set on fire by blood thirsty Islamist cannibals, but strangely enough didn’t do the same for the innocent Syrian civilians killed when they were bombed by Israeli and Jordanian jets in order to assist the Islamic rebels in their war against the enemy states of the Zionists.

Another interesting event concealed by the Zionist media was the arrest of 10 Turks by Chinese authorities, who allegedly promoted and organised for Uighur Islamic radicals to join the ranks of the Islamic State. Full details are yet to be disclosed, but according to the Turkish Foreign Ministry, the accusations relate to crimes including forging documents to assist illegal immigration and integration into a terrorist organisation. It is fairly obvious that these Turks belonged to Ankara’s secret service department, the MiT.

The question here is this- why is Turkey, a rising economic power in the Middle East, which has been trying for some time now to build good economic relations with China, now seeking to destabilise Uighur insurgents in Chinese territory? Why is Ankara jeopardising profitable economic cooperation with Beijing by rallying Islamic radicals from the Xinjiang province of China, while simultaneously aiding the cannibal terrorists of the Islamic State? We have reported on this issue earlier in the year, following an obvious rise in terrorist activities by Uighurs who have the silent support of the American-Zionist elite. 

The Turkish policy of harbouring Islamic terrorists in these regional conflicts has its roots in their Neo-Ottoman agenda. The Neo-Ottoman strategy, constructed the Erdogan & Davutoglu, aspire to unite the Turko-Mongol hordes extending from modern Turkey, through Central Asia to the steppes of Western China.  The Neo-Ottomans see the jihadist Uighurs of the Xinjiang province as the ‘lost children’ of Turkey, which need to be reunited with their ‘motherland’, a term used by Erdogan to describe all Turko-Mongol tribes, including the Muslims of Greek Thrace. This desire for territorial occupation throughout the Turkic world is what is driving Ankara in their aggressive foreign policy in Central Asia and now in China.

If we take a look at the map of the areas where the Turko-Mongol tribes have spread over Asia, it becomes obvious that the Turkish Neo-Ottoman agenda is perfectly compatible and aligned with the interests of the American-Zionist foreign policy. For many years, what has been good for the Turks, has been good for the Jews, often at the expense of the indigenous people who inhabit the areas now occupied by these Mongol squatters. The potential to destabilise Central Asia by promoting Islamic extremism in the region can only threaten Chinese and Russian interests in the area, much to the liking of the US war mongers.

The United States, has a history (for many decades) of supporting terrorist groups in Central Asia as a means of undermining Russian influence in the region. If Bin Laden was still alive today, he could tell you all about how the CIA helped form and train Al Qaeda to fight the Soviets in the 1980s. Now this technique is being used against China, with the greater goal of using Islamic Extremism to drive a wedge in the heart of what would be the future of Putin’s Eurasian Economic Union.

It is important for our readers to understand where Golden Dawn stands in all of these developments in Eurasia. Golden Dawn is still the only party that has a national policy for Greece. It is in our financial interests to detach ourselves from Anglo-Jewish banking cartels that dominate New York and London, and seek economic & military ties with Russia and China. Unlike the US & EU, who demand the implementation of decadent social policies in order to receive ‘financial assistance’ (which is code for endless debt), Russian & Chinese cooperation would never come at the price of our Hellenic ethno-traditionalism.

As Ankara continues to shake hands with the Americans, a pro-Russian Hellenic Nationalist state could work towards a degree of self-sufficiency by rebuilding our agricultural sector, and with Russian/Chinese cooperation, exploit our natural resources for the welfare of the Greek people. Our shipping industry can continue to expand, and Greece could reclaim its place as a regional maritime power, as suggested by former advisor to Putin, Mr Aleksander Dugin.  It is not in our interests to continue to stand with the American-Turkic-Zionists powers, and their wars of aggression against Russian & China.

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