Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Syriza Lends a Favour to their Anarchist Thugs: Riot Police Now Disarmed

Syriza’s ridiculous policy

Like most sell-out politicians that have dominated the political landscape of Greece for the last 40 years, it’s very rare that Tsipras ever tells the truth. The war cries of ‘we will end austerity’ prior to the recent elections have all been abandoned, as Tspiras  and his underling Varoufakis rush to calm the markets while promising the international bankers that they will pay back every last penny to the Troika.

Among some of Syriza’s other wild claims prior to elections, was a pledge to disarm the men who are responsible for enforcing law and order in our country. Mind you, this is the same Greece which since the GFC, is currently going through immense social and economic turmoil. Unlike Syriza’s broken promise to end austerity, Tsipras has actually followed through with this insane plan to disarm the riot police. 

Imia 2015

Last Saturday, Greek Nationalists concentrated in the centre of Athens for the 19th Imia memorial. The memorial event was met by hundreds of ‘anti-fascist’ counter protesters, who were outnumbered by the thousands of Golden Dawn supporters who came to show respect for our fallen National heroes.

The riot police were called in to prevent clashes between the two sides, however, this time there was a noticeable change; the riot police force was now unarmed. With clear instructions to keep a firm distance from the counter protestors, the riot police had effectively lost the means to maintain order.

At first, confusion swept the ‘anti-fascist’ crowd who were expecting the riot police to hold them back and prevent clashes. Instead of taking advantage of the situation, and fulfilling their claims to ‘smash the fash’ without interference from the riot police, the anarchists cowards did not engage the Nationalists, who in all probability would of made the anarchists regret their foolish decision. Without the riot police to tighten the leash on the barking dogs with no bite, the anarchists then turned their attention to the riot police, and ‘peacefully’ spray painted their vehicles, much to the embarrassment of the state.

The anarchist dogs, who wouldn’t dare face the Nationalists in a fair fight without the help of the authorities on their side, showed once again that not only are they cowards, but now capable of overtly dominating the riot police for the entire world to see. It’s important to remind our readers that the riot police are Greek men, many with families, and rely on their state jobs to survive. The disarming of our security forces is a national joke, and unnecessarily puts our officers lives on the line who now feel ‘confused’ and ‘uncertain’, as reported by To Vima.

What does this mean?

Following the fall of the Junta, the anarchist movement in Greece has had ties to the deep state. As early as the 1980s, they have acted as the street thugs for the Socialist PASOK party. More recently, the leaders of these violent criminals have more or less sided with the Syriza camp, though much to the unknown of their rank and file members who still think they are fighting against the ‘system’.  Although the Anarchists still occasionally target the centre right, the majority of their organised attacks are against the only true anti-systemic party, Golden Dawn.

Traditionally, the Anarchist cowards have relied on the riot police to protect them while they do the dirty work for systemic leftist leaders. This usually involves attacking Golden Dawn supporters and branches, while hiding behind the very same authorities they claim to despise.

Historically, the anarchists behave like animals, and while out of control, occasionally step out of line by attacking the riot police. The riot police are under strict orders to cop it on the chin, incase they retaliate and injure a rich bureaucrats son and lose their job. There are exceptions, and if the officers receive excessive attacks and are unable to contain the crowd, they will use sufficient force to restore order.  This sufficient force is of course effecting the potential damage these Anarchist savages can inflict, and greatly impedes their effectiveness when attacking anti-systemic targets like the Golden Dawn.

The Future

Unlike Samaras, who preferred to use his connections in the judicial system to try and unlawfully shut down Golden Dawn, Syriza has taken a different route, and essentially now given the anarchists thugs the green light to do their worst. By disarming the authorities, Syriza has armed the Anarchists with the means to operate without a challenge from the now humiliated riot police, a dangerous move which could have serious consequences to the citizens of Greece. 

This plan may indeed back fire, as the riot police have essentially acted as a shield for the anarchists thugs who attack their targets while hiding behind the authorities. With that shield now removed, there may be little hope for these spoiled rich kids who may find themselves with no one to hide behind if they are foolish enough to attack the wrong target. 

The future of Greece has become very uncertain now that the overtly Marxist government has enabled their anarchists thugs in a bid to control the streets. Perhaps when the very same people they have enabled realise that Tsipras has sold them out to the Troika, the corrupt leaders of these lackeys may soon lose control, and find they turn against the very same hand that feeds them.

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