Monday, 23 February 2015

Syriza fails to end austerity or secure new loan agreement, MSM declares victory

As reported by XA Ameriki last night, the anti-Greek government has officially sold out to the international loan sharks. Syriza has now broken all its anti-austerity promises (for which it was elected) to the Greek people, and remains at the mercy of the great usurers. Despite its theatrical media show, it has now withered away into another sell out establishment party of Greece, but who could of expected anything different from the burning remains of PASOK?

With the memorandum now fully endorsed by Syriza, it’s important to analyse the reports from the controlled media puppets on the issue. Beginning with Foreign Policy magazine, we see the following statement by British economist Phillip Krugman, shortly before the Syriza sell out.

‘The eurozone establishment and much of the media think Greece is foolish to stand up to Germany. But what would be truly foolish is giving in. That would leave only the neo-Nazis of Golden Dawn in the anti-Merkelism camp, which might portend ill political omens. So Long as The Greek Government Is Willing to stand firm - as A VAST Majority of Greeks and MANY Europeans are urging IT to - IT Can Obtain A fairer Deal for The Greek People and, With Luck, The eurozone.’

So now that the spineless Syriza has refused to tear up the memorandum, what happens to the ‘VAST majority’ of Greeks who stood behind them? And why should the Golden Dawn be such a threat if they are the only party with enough patriotism in their blood to actually do what the Greek people want them to do? It’s obvious that these dooms day threats and prophecies from the mainstream international media are now slowly becoming a reality, so the damage control must begin.

The next article from Reuters is titled ‘Tsipras declares victory as Greece dodges financial ruin’, and was released shortly after Tsipras failed in his talks with the European loan sharks. This is a text book example of how the international media distorts reality in the interests of their leftist partners in crime. They completely disregard the fact that Tsipras promised in elections to end austerity. This aspiration was dropped upon entering office earlier this year, and was conveniently replaced with a new promise to renegotiate the countries debt package. Now that Syriza has failed to do both, where does Reuters or Tspiras summon the courage to declare ‘victory’? The article quotes Tsipras in saying:

‘Yesterday we took a decisive step, leaving austerity, the bailouts and the troika behind’

How exactly did Tsipras leave austerity, the bailouts and troika, when he uncompromisingly agreed to their conditions under the latest bailout package, which is essentially no different to the previous Samaras-Venizelos regime? This full endorsement by Syriza of the current memorandum is the exact opposite of what they promised the Greek people! The article even goes further by claiming Tsipras saved Greece from 'banking collapse' following his latest debt negotiations failure.

‘Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras declared victory on Saturday after agreeing a conditional financial rescue deal with Europe and despite making big concessions to avert a banking collapse within days’

Perhaps someone should remind these people that Tsipras was not voted into power by the Greek people to ‘avert a banking collapse’. Syriza was voted in to end austerity and to tear up the memorandum, and they have done the exact opposite. Why should Tsipras then be held high, as some kind of hero by the mainstream media for breaking his promises to the Greek people? And let’s not forget his main stooge, Mr Varoufakis:
‘Varoufakis assured savers the country did not face ruin. "Greeks were being told that if we were elected and we stayed in power for more than just a few days the ATMs will cease functioning," he told reporters on Friday. "Today's decision puts an end to this fear, to the scaremongering”.’

Basically, Varoufakis wants us to thank him for saving the country by breaking his promise to end austerity, and borrowing more money from the usurers at rates we can never afford to ever pay back. It should now be fairly obvious to anyone that the mainstream media is nothing more than a tool of the globalists to brain wash the masses.

Not only can Syriza break all their promises to the Greek people, but they can be upheld as heroes who saved the country while they administer the same austerity poison which is slowly killing Greece. Unfortunately for the international bankers, the Greeks are not so easily fooled, and the inevitable rise of Golden Dawn is now imminent.

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