Monday, 23 February 2015

Syriza begins to crack: Top Syriza MEP apologises to the Greek people

We have said from the beginning that the Syriza ‘party’ is largely another failed Marxist concept that should work in theory, but much like Communist Eastern Europe, will utterly flounder & eventually collapse in practice.

The party functions as a coalition between a number of smaller ‘radical’ leftist parties which merged to form Syriza in 2004. These smaller parties, supposedly have equal voting rights on Syriza party policy and direction. The ideology of these party factions vary from feminism, pro-gay rights, ‘left wing nationalism’, internationalism, euro-scepticism, euro-communism, Marxist-Leninism, Maoism, & Green politics.

Although many of the factions appear to contradict one another in their ideology (‘nationalism’ vs ‘internationalism’), Tsipras has done a reasonable job in keeping the party together, that is until now. The Syriza party is now bursting at the seams following their submission to the international loan sharks, while simultaneously breaking all their pre elections promises to the Greek people. Now different figureheads of the Syriza party are starting to question Tsipras and the Syriza coalition. It’s fair to say that Syriza’s coalition alliance with the supposedly ‘far right’ Independent Greeks isn’t helping, a move that disgruntled many of Syriza's Marxist fanatics within days of their electoral victory.

Firstly, we have Alexis Mitropolous, who publically objected to the governments signing of the memorandum, stressing that the Greek people will not stand by the new agreement. Similar concerns where raised by other senior Syriza members, including George Katrougalos and Panagiotis Lafazani.  The worst was yet to come as the EU’s oldest current member of parliament shared his deeply concerned thoughts on Syriza’s betrayal of the Greek people.

Syriza member of European Parliament, Mr Manolis Glezos, wrote an article published on the website of the ‘Movement of Active citizens’ (a faction party of Syriza) highly criticizing Syriza for breaking its promises to the Greek people. Glezos highlights that one month after elections, the Syriza government is yet to keep to its commitments in abolishing the Troika. With capitalising the words ‘apologise’, Glezos begs the Greek people for forgiveness, as he also contributed to this ‘illusion’. 

“Renaming the ‘Troika’ into ‘Institutions’, the ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ into the ‘Agreement’ and the ‘lenders’ into ‘partners’, you cannot possibly change the situation, and this action is comparable to baptising a piece of meat and calling it a fish.

Most of all, you cannot change the vote of the Greek people at the elections of January 25, 2015. The people voted in favour of what SYRIZA promised: to remove the austerity which is not
only part of the strategy of the German oligarchs and the EU countries, but also the strategy of the Greek oligarchy.

To remove the Memorandum and the Troika, and abolish all laws of austerity.

The next day after the elections, we abolish the Troika and its consequences.

Now a month has passed and the promises have not turned into practice.

Pit and more pity.

On my part, I APOLOGIZE to the Greek people because I have contributed to this illusion.”

As senior Syriza members begin to distance themselves from the coalition, and realise the party doesn’t represent themselves or the Greek people, we can see the first symptoms of a party that will eventually be on the verge of collapse. Just like their predecessor PASOK, Syriza will crash and burn as the Greek people realise they are just another treacherous establishment party, shaking hands with the same international bankers at the expense of the Greek people. As Syriza begins to crack, Golden Dawn continues to grow stronger every day.

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