Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Shame! The European Union categorises Cyprus as an area of Turkey!

In an inexplicable, unprecedented and anti-Hellenic action, the European Union has rezoned Cyprus into Turkey.

Specifically, the European Parliament webpage referring to the vote on the missing people of Cyprus from the occupied village of Ashia initially refers to the “Occupied part of Cyprus” yet further down the page it re-locates the whole of Cyprus into the area of Turkey.

The white collar bureaucrats of Brussels, exploiting the void created by the indifference of the Hellenic Members of Parliament, methodically work against Hellenism. Following the unwritten recognition of Skopje as the “Democracy of Macedonia” and the renaming of the Akopjan dialect as “Macedonian language”, we now see European institutions rezone Cyprus into Turkey.

As always, the only ones to react to the anti-Gellenic aggression of the EU are the Ethnic Nationalists.

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