Friday, 20 February 2015

Prokopis Pavlopoulos - Syriza's latest puppet for the memorandum

Behold the Tspira's tribute to the memorandum, Prokopis Pavlopoulos, who was nominated as the President of the Hellenic Republic. Pavlopoulos, who will also be endorsed by the Independent Greeks, has a interesting history of political “successes” which will like to share with our readers. Firstly, we stress that Syriza nomination for the presidential republic reveals the poverty of the current governing party, and their appetite to conform with the old corrupt political party system, of which Pavlopoulos is a member of.

  1.     Prokopis Pavlopoulos in May 2007 as Interior Minister of the Karamanlis Government welcomed all the illegal immigrants in Greece and thanked them for choosing Hellas!

Pavlopoulos: “You know, whatever concerns the politics of immigration, we have followed throughout the years, and especially even more with this current government, totally different roads. Hellas in its culture and democracy, is known for having another tradition with immigrants and that’s why we never have, and won’t ever have I believe, any problems.”

Journalist: “So you won’t ever say to the immigrants ‘Whoever likes Hellas… Whoever doesn’t like Hellas, here’s the Exit ‘?”

Pavlopoulos: “I’ve said something, and I repeat it, I say thank you to those who choose Hellas, to live with us, and to fight with us for a better society…”

Journalist: “There are some that cause problems as you know”

Pavlopoulos: “You should know that those who cause problems are not only the immigrants, and if there are immigrants that cause problems, the law applies to all.”

  1.     He bears full responsibility for the destruction, looting and burning of Athens as Interior Minister in December 2008 from the usual gangs of state-sponsored anarcho-leftist thugs along with the illegal immigrants.
  2.     On 27 November 2014 he referred to the money laundering of Michelakis from the bribery scandal of Pallis. He was giving a speech in Parliament and had stated

 “In other words why did I vote against the proposed investigation of Mr Michelakis, based on the charges against him as they have been presented? I emphasise that what I am about to tell you has no essential connection to the matter, which is an entirely different subject and it’s an issue for each individuals understanding. Yet you’ll notice, dear colleagues, that in light of the proposed investigation of Mr Michelakis, we face a big issue, which the Parliament needs to keep in mind when it votes. And I repeat that it has no essential connection to the matter. It is something that in all the years I’ve been in Parliament, this is the first time that it’s been an issue. If you look carefully at the charges, which have been published, Mr Michelakis is being proposed for investigation under Article 235, Paragraph1, of the Criminal Code: That is 'For Corruption In The Context Of Crimes Committed During Service'. What does this mean? It means that when someone is proposed for investigation, someone must be- and this is written in the Criminal Code- 'a servant/employee', because only servants/employees are bound by the ruling of Article 235 Paragraph 1. The question is, as it’s been presented: Is a Parliamentarian, when he/she performs his/her Parliamentary and legislative duties, a servant/employee?”

The catalogue of the doings of “Paki” are of course endless and it’s well known that he has accepted praise from all levels of Greek society, but also from his colleagues as the following videos demonstrate…

Journalist: “Indicative of the explosive climate is the rumour that’s been circling the halls of Parliament about an exchange heavy with foul language, between Mr Meimarakis and Mr Prokopi Pavlopoulos. Both parties have categorically denied the rumour.”

Meimarakis: “Prokopi I heard you this morning, when you went out to suck (journalist) Hatzinikolaou, you went to suck his…?”

Pavlopoulos: “I didn’t suck Hatzinikolaou”

Meimarakis: “If you want, come and suck mine, it’s better”

Panellist 1: “Are you for the Abolition of the Right of Asylum in an Educational Institution? (students can’t be arrested by police when inside the grounds of an educational institution such as a University)”

Panellist 2: “There’s been a proposal today from Mr Samaras that proposes the abolition of the Right of Asylum, it’s a bold proposal, for the abolition of the Right of Asylum”

Adonis Georgiadis: “Not from Mr Pavlopoulos?” (Laughs) “Mr Pavlopoulos has the nerve to talk?! Help us Jesus and Holy Mary! (Laughs) Did Mr Pavlopoulos say such a thing?” (Laughs)

Panellist 3: The only place you can get Asylum is in New Democracy…

Adonis Georgiadis: “Where does Mr Pavlopoulos find the nerve to say such a thing? (Laughs) I can’t go on guys, take the camera away, I can’t stand it, I’m going to fall over…”

Panellist 1: “You’ll explain to us later why you’re laughing…”

Adonis Georgiadis: “Pavlopoulos, talking about the right of asylum? The most useless Interior Minister in the payroll of a Hellenic  Government! The whole of Athens was burnt! The Acropolis was saved because it was made of marble! And he makes proposals? Help us Jesus and Holy Mary!“

Syriza has shown with this choice that it’s following the catastrophic memorandum politics of New Democracy/PASOK to the letter. The revelation of the scandals and the national slogan of “the thieves should go to prison and the stolen goods returned to the people” will remain nothing but blank pages.

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