Thursday, 5 February 2015

Racial Nationalism & Virtues of true Hellenic Women: The Dawn is Ours!

It has been said by the wisest of Greeks that the decadence of a society can be measured by the corruption of its women. This saying comes alive in the Hellas of 2015, in the times of the Memorandum and by the perpetual false hope that is embodied within the feminist movement of liberal capitalism.

This article could be just another essay that argues the holiness of women and the importance of motherhood in a free Homeland. As our Homeland is currently experiencing an occupation, it is counting its dead, it is counting its suicides. It is counting its last cent in order to buy its final loaf of bread.

More importantly, it is counting the empty souls who live without expectation, it is counting empty bodies dressed in outfits of the latest fashion trying to hide the stench of their empty soul. A soul that’s sunk because it was waiting in vain for something to lift it up, to feed it and bring it to life.

In the ruins of our enslaved Fatherland, in the face of those who want us to submit to the criminal new way of life, stands a flag. This is our flag, which represents our racial soul, and it echoes a voice so strong, like a battle cry that provokes you to stand up and fight!

Yes, the boys in the black shirts were the pioneers of this battle. They started only as a handful, and refused to believe that a saviour would come to save our country, and that only with their personal battle would they be able to claim a better tomorrow.

Today, after continuous media brainwashing - those same boys in black  still continue their battle, against all odds. However, today there are women who also stand amongst them, including mothers with their children. They have come to share the journey and to fight their part because they got sick of the fake dreams. No longer do they desire the expensive perfumes sold by the fashion magazines, and instead wanted to breathe the air of long-lasting Freedom.

Their eyes gaze proudly like ancient statues and praise the eternal beauty of the Universe: the last remnants of the undefeated Hellenic Race. Ethnic Nationalism is the only true revolutionary movement because it has the strength, amongst all the rubble of the modern world, to create a new and greater world. And this creation requires a “rebirth” from which no one can be absent.

The Hellenic woman, throughout the course of our history was present and shared in whatever holy battle the Hellenic Nation had fought. Far from the false dreams of capitalism and feminism, today we are invited to become true Hellenic women.

Maria Sidiropoulou

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