Monday, 2 February 2015

Imia 2015

Yesterday, tens of thousands of Greek Nationalists marched for the 19th consecutive year in honour of our 3 fallen comrades, who died while on duty to their fatherland. On the 31st of January, we remember their names-

Christodoulos Karathanasis
Panagiotis Vlahakos
Ektoras Gialopsos

In addition to the respect we show for the 3 immortal heroes, the highlights and message of this years Imia is as follows:

Nikos Constantinos, Central Committee member: Nikos stressed that Golden Dawn is still suffering at the hands of a vicious regime. Currently, this regime has held hostage the political leader of Greece’s 3rd largest party, as well as elected Nationalist MPs who have been wrongfully imprisoned by the system for their ideas.

Savvas Chatziparaskevas, Publisher of Patriotic Newspaper ‘Stoxos’: Savvas reminded our supporters that Turkey is a long standing enemy of Greece, despite our corrupt politicians telling us we are best of friends. No Greek-Turkish friendship can exist while they continuously invade the boarders of Greece & Cyprus, while working towards the theft of our Thrace.  

Eleftherios Synadinos, Member of the European Parliament: Retired General Synadinos made it clear that there are no ‘grey areas’ regarding Greece’s natural boarders. Imia is Greek territory, as is Northern Epirus, Eastern Rumelia, Eastern Thrace, Asia Minor and the entire united Cyprus. The Greek word ‘oxi’ means ‘no’, and it a strong message we nationalists send to anyone who threatens our boarders.

Elias Panagiotaros, Golden Dawn MP for Athens: Elias noted that Golden Dawn has served its patriotic duty to the Imia heroes for 19 consecutive years, and will continue to do so again and again. The Golden Dawn is is the third political force in the country, and it is unacceptable that our leader remains illegally imprisoned. We demand the immediate release of all Golden Dawn political prisoners.

Nikos Michaloliakos, political prisoner and leader of Golden Dawn: The chief’s voice was heard by the thousands of nationalists who attended the 2015 Imia event. From his prison cell, Michaloliako’s recording stressed that to this day, there are Greeks who continue to resist against this criminal regime, and will NEVER accept this national disgrace by our treacherous politicians. Michaloliakos made it clear that because of Imia, Turkey has exploited the weakness of our spineless sell-out politicians, and continues to open further ‘grey areas’ in Greece’s sovereign boards. 

Below are a number of images and videos from the 2015 Imia event that have been selected by Golden Dawn Australia. For those that wish to watch the entire event, please click here.

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