Sunday, 1 February 2015

Greek Nationalists Remember the Heroes of Imia

Later today, Greek Nationalists will rally in honour of the 2015 Imia march. The Imia memorial is organised by Golden Dawn every year on the 31st of January, and is a tribute to the 3 dead crew members who were murdered by the Turkish state on the Greek Island of Imia.

Neo-Ottoman Aggression

Imia is a small uninhabited Aegean island, roughly 10km off the coast of Kalymnos. In 1923, the Peace Treaty of Lausanne ceded the Dodecanese islands (which includes Imia) from the former Ottoman empire to the Kingdom of Italy. After Italy’s defeat in WW2, the Paris Treaty of 1947 saw the Dodecanese Islands rightfully ceded to the Greeks, who have historically inhabited the islands since ancient times.

Turkey has argued that the island (among other Greek territories) still belongs to them, despite the fact that the island was listed in the UN international maps under its Greek name, clearly within the Greek boarders. The Neo-Ottoman aspirations of the ‘modern’ Turkish state have led to a number of unnecessary provocations against the Greece, one of the most notable being Imia.

Turkey Claims Imia

On Christmas day 1995, a Turkish cargo ship crashed on the Island of Imia. A salvage operation needed to be organised, with the Turkish state soon after declaring Imia as their own, and that the salvage operation would be organised by Ankara. The event was purposely hidden by the controlled media, and was not released to the public until the appointment of the New Greek government, headed by known traitor, Mr Kostas Simitis.

The Greek public, upon hearing of Turkey’s provocative claims, was outraged. Our forefathers shed their blood in order to free Greece from foreign occupiers, not a single inch of our land should be ceded to any nation. Locals from the nearby islands responded with the mayor of Kalymnos and a priest raising the Greek flag on Imia.

In retaliation, the Turkish state organised for the island to be secretly occupied and secured by Turkish commandos.  The Turkish press was then sent in to broadcast the taking down of the Greek flag, while raising the Turkish flag to humiliate the Greeks. Turkish warships moved towards the island in order undermine and intimidate Greece, while Ankara continued to lay claim to the island in a number of official statements.

January 31st, 1996

3 Greek officers from the Greek frigate Navarino where assigned to a routine reconnaissance mission in a helicopter over the Imia area. The Turkish state, with no respect for the Greek sovereignty of the island, cowardly shot down the helicopter, killing the 3 officers inside.

Immediately, the Greek military prepared to retaliate in defence of our boarders and our fallen comrades, however the treacherous PM Simitis received a call from Washington. Among the US officials was a Jewish International banker by the name of Richard Holbrooke, who was instrumental in persuading Simitis to stand down and cover up the event. The Simitis government, bowing down to the commands of Americans and Jews, went into damage control, trying to conceal Turkish aggression by claiming to the Greek public that the helicopter had simply ‘crashed’.

The likes of characters like Holbrooke also raise questions about Washington’s true aspirations for the region. Jews like Holbrooke, a known war monger who agitated for the invasion of Iraq, had many plans for the Middle East. Turkey is indeed the 2nd largest military in NATO, and instrumental for Zionist geopolitical interests in the Middle East. Working in the interests of Ankara to keep them on side is just day to day to business for this ‘Democrat’, who couldn’t care less about the 3 innocent Greeks murdered within their territorial boarders by an aggressive foreign state.


The message to Turkey was clear, Greece has no respect for its boarders or soldiers, and if you attack us, we will help you hide the evidence. To this day, Turkish jets and navy vessels continuously invade Greek boarders on an almost monthly basis, receiving little more than the occasional lip service from the Greek government.

Golden Dawn has not forgotten the betrayal and cowardice of the Greek government over the Imia tragedy. Today, we remember the names of our fallen brothers who died at the hands of murderous Turks while on duty for their fatherland-

Christodoulos Karathanasis
Panagiotis Vlahakos
Ektoras Gialopsos


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